This wiki is intended as a resource for researching English Renaissance literature and for preparing an eBook devoted to this topic. The eBook will cover six major themes. We are trying to use these in a "meta-" way to map our purposes and audiences, or to organize our methods for creating the eBook:
  1. Ad Fontes: Recovering the Past and Returning to Sources
    chapter contents | meta
  2. Brave New Worlds: Travel and Social Change
    chapter contentsmeta
  3. What a Piece of Work is Man: Humanism and Rhetoric
    chapter contentsmeta
  4. Plough Boys and Bibles: The Protestant Reformation
    chapter contentsmeta
  5. Typographia Conservatrix: Printing's Cultural Impression
    chapter contents | meta
  6. Sprezzatura: Courting Culture
    chapter contentsmeta

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