OpenProjects is a collection of open-source hardware and software projects by Bryan Cera.

Here you can find tutorials and detailed build guides, as well as files and schematics for a range of projects focused in digital fabrication, electronics and creative coding.

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Introducing: The OpenProjects Forums!

OpenProjects Forums is now live! Have questions about a project? Have advice for others? Want to contribute ideas for improving upon OpenProjects content? This is a public forum to discuss topics related to OpenProjects!

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Flat-Pack PPE: An Open-Source Laser-Cuttable Face Shield

A new design for a laser-cut face shield has been published to OpenProjects. There are many great face shield designs out there - this one is optimized to be quick to make and easy to assemble.

Check it out, here!


CERA-1 Extruder is live!

The CERA-1 Clay Extruder is now Open-Source, and lives here on OpenProjects.

After more than three years of research, the extruder has been tested and proven to be an effective solution to 3D printing with clay.

Stay tuned for updates to this project, including instructions, tutorials, and a complimentary Open-Source CERA-1 3D Printer framework (currently in development).

Head over to the CERA-1 project page to learn more:


CERA-1 Extruder at Alfred University

Keith Simpson, instructor in Ceramics at Alfred Univeristy, built a CERA-1 extruder and is employing it on his custom delta robot. Simpson is currently utilizing it to print files made by his students during the COVID-19 lockdown. Read more about it, and check out Keith's own novel ceramic 3D printing systems, on his instagram page:


CERA-1 Extruder at Carnegie Mellon

Ozguc Bertug Capunaman, M-Arch Graduate at Carnegie Mellon, used an early prototype of the CERA-1 extruder toward the research for his thesis project. Learn more about his project, and his other research in architecture, digital fabrication and computational media on his website: