The Team

OpenPMU was founded in 2009 by David Laverty and has received considerable support from colleagues at KTH, LYIT, PNNL, UNITN, RMIT and QUB.   Many thanks must go to Luigi Vanfretti for his assistance in promoting OpenPMU at the IEEE PES Panel session "Open Source Software: Enabling the Smart Grid" 2011.  The OpenPMU project partners are:
  • Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland
    • Dr David Laverty
    • Prof John Morrow
    • Prof Sakir Sezer
    • Dr Kieran McLaughlin
    • Dr John Hastings
    • Dr Xiaodong Zhao
    • Dr Rafiullah Khan
    • Dr Xueqin Liu
    • Dr Robert Best
    • Dr Paul Brogan
  • University of Trento, Italy

 Updated: December 2017