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Spring 2019

LunART Festival - $2000 – Annual arts festival dedicated to celebrating and championing women in the arts, Madison, WI

We are Better Together – Warren Daniel Hairston Project - $2000 – 2
nd Women’s Healing and Leadership Retreat for up to 35 women affected by gun violence which will included workshops on leadership development, advocacy and unity, the impact of trauma and historical violence, and self-care, Boston, MA


Cetos Research Organization - $2000 – Young Women in Science Mentoring program to coach and support women of all ages entering scientific or environmental careers and teach them how to advance successfully, Bar Harbor, ME


Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy - $2000 – Gal’s Guide Library & Research Center Physical Book Build, Noblesville, IN


Choose Yourself - $2000 – Girl talk Maine: a safe space for immigrant young women, creating spaces for gender-based violence conversations in the immigrant community, North Billerica, MA


Butterfly Dreamz, Inc., - $2000 – Girls Club Journal distribution to schools and community organizations who work with 7th – 12th grade girls of color, Newark, NJ


Grounders - $2000 – documentary film about a women’s softball league capturing the dynamic personalities and compelling life stories of a divers group of women, Brooklyn, NY

Latinx Leadership & College Experience Camp - $2000 – LLCEC Masterclasses on visionary organizing, emergent strategies and how communities create sustainable grassroots power and change, Lexington, KY