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Spring 2016

  • On the Brink of Insanity – Burning River Baroque, Ohio will perform an edgy, innovative concert program in Ohio, Pennsylvania and California in May and June. $1,800
  • Doula Collective – CHOICES, Tennessee will provide volunteer doula services for women receiving abortion care.  $1,995
  • Graphic Book to Empower Young Girls’ Self-Perception through Storytelling – The No Longer Forgotten Network, Illinois will feature the autobiographical experiences of two minority females who work in science and engineering using kid friendly technology. The book will be published and used in workshops for African American and Latina middle-school girls.  $ 650
  • Chicago Home Theatre Festival – Chicago Home Theatre Festival, Illinois will invite strangers into each other's homes to share an intimate meal experience , experience transformative art and build intention community across lines of difference.  $ 1,000
  • San Francisco Dyke March” - San Francisco Dyke March, California to bring the dyke community together to celebrate our unity, raise our consciousness and be visible. $ 1,800
  • Women’s Correctional Facility Book Discussion” – Words Beyond Bars Project, Colorado will introduce an inclusive book discussion program with a small community of incarcerated women. $2,000
  • March on Freedom”  – Spirit Drumz, California will activate the March on Freedom initiative to bring the culture of drumming arts to women, girls, transgender and gender non-conforming people of African descent as a tool of leadership development and mobilization within social justice movements in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. $1,200