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Spring 2015


º  Sinister Wisdom 97: Out Latina Lesbians (Organization – Sinister Wisdom, Berkeley, CA ) -  $ 1000 to support publication of Sinister Wisdom 97: Out Latina Lesbians on July 15, 2015.


º Sexual Maturation Management and Education (Organization – Bridges Community Support Organization, Uganda) - $ 500 in Nakasongola district Kakooge sub county to address sexual maturation management, poverty eradication, child abuse, early pregnancies, and access to health, education and domestic violence among others affecting girls and women within the community.


º  CooperaDiva – First Step in Establishing Women’s Cooperative (Organization – Citizens’ Association Zadrugarice, Serbia) - $1000 to support creating women's cooperative through provision of funds for educational program on successful running of small businesses.


º  LEDs, Circuits and Interactivity (Organization – Girls as Techies, Minneapolis, MN) - $ 800

a summer long project for adolescent Hmong girls 13-17 years old to explore technology through art, a combination and incorporation of traditional art techniques (i.e. drawing and painting) with technology (i.e. LEDs and circuits, digital art and creative coding).


º Winning Girl (Organization – Making Waves Films, LLC, Honolulu, HI) - $1000

a documentary film about the four-year journey of a multiracial teenage girl from Hawaii who is a judo and wrestling phenom vying for world championship gold in both sports.


º When I Was Seventeen (Organization – The Creators Collective, Brooklyn, NY) - $1,200

A multimedia performance work being collaboratively developed by teens and professional artists based on a collection of memories from when people were seventeen.


º Donna in Esilio Woman in Exile” (Organization – SIREN Baroque, Brooklyn, NY) - $500

Donna in Esilio (Woman in Exile)” will tell the story of Antonia Bembo – a lesser-known Baroque woman composer – through the performance of her music and introductory narrative explaining the significance of each piece.


Dance Leadership Program for Women (Organization – Critical Mass Dance Company, LA, CA) - $750

assists activist women in enhancing their creative expression, confidence and community leadership skills through dance and movement. We request $2000 to support our Summer/Fall session from July 2015-December 2015.


Name Bringing Website On-Line (Organization – Women’s All Points Bulletin, WAPB, Inc., Chicago, IL) - $1000

The website is designed and the merchant services account has been secured.  We need a copywriter and a developer to bring the site on-line.



Teen Girl Power: Substance and Alcohol Abuse Education Program (Organization – Community Health Coalition, Durham, NC) - $800

a personal development program aimed at helping teens reach their full potential.  It incorporates skill building techniques and activities relative to goal-setting, decision –making, healthy-lifestyle practices, time-management and self-motivation.


Capacitating Rural and Indigenous Women in Computer Skills and Using the Internet in Bolivia (Organization - The Candelaria Women’s Centre, Patacamaya, Aroma, Bolivia) - $1100 (Jeanne Meurer)


Living in the Solution – Building Stronger Women (Organization – Women’s Welleness Foundation, Cleveland, OH) - $ 700

An 8 week program that starts with self-esteem and awareness, moves through boundaries, self expression and healing to setting and achieving

California Indigenous and Environmental Book, E-book, Documentary Project (Organization – The Indigenous Youth Foundation, Inc., Weitchpec, CA) - $800 (Jeanne Meurer)

A collection of writings by 20 California indigenous women on their experiences working for the protection and preservation of sacred places in California.