Open Meadows Foundation has two grant cycles per year and does not make emergency grants or grants out of cycle.

The deadlines for the two cycles each year are:

We review proposals in two cycles. 
For the Spring Cycle, we will only review proposals received between 12:00 midnight EST January 1st to 12:00 midnight EST February 15th. 
 For the Fall Cycle, we will only review proposals received between 12:00 midnight July 1 to 12:00 midnight August 15th. 

Create a pdf with all accompanying materials and email to

After the deadlines, the calendar is:

1) Proposals are sent out to the Community Board for review within three weeks of the deadline date.

2) Decisions about proposals are made within the next two months.

3) Please note that we do not have the resources to email confirmation or receipt or to provide feedback between receipt and decisions.

4) After we have made our decisions, emails will be sent to the Contact Person for each proposal the week of May 1st for the February 15th deadline or the week of November 1st for the August deadline notifying you if you will receive funding or if we were unable to fund.