Please download as a word processing file a copy of this Proposal Cover Sheet.  Include it in a single pdf with all required accompanying materials and email your proposal to  Fill in and send in with your proposal and materials to

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Proposal #:


Organization Name:  _________________________________

Executive Director/Fundraising Contact: __________________

E-mail: __________________________________________

Mailing Address __________________________________________

City: _________________________State: ______Zip: ____________

Project Name _____________________________________________

Brief Project Description _____________________________________

Project Timeline ___________________________________________

Person Responsibility for Project _______________________________

Phone Number (s) _________________E-mail: ___________________


Does your organization have 501(C)(3) status*?  Yes __ No__

*If no, do you have a fiscal sponsor with 501(C)(3) status? Yes __ No__

*What is the name of your fiscal sponsor?___________________________

*(send only your budget information, not your fiscal sponsors)

Annual ORGANIZATION budget: $ ___________________

Total annual PROJECT budget: $______________________

Amount requested from Open Meadows: $ ______________

Has your organization applied to Open Meadows before: Yes __ No__

If funded by Open Meadows,

When? _________________ For how much? $______________


1. Please check the appropriate categories for the proposal for which you are requesting funding.

Advocacy/Public Policy

Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault


Employment/Economic Development



Leadership Development

Sexual Orientation

Old Women


2. If International, which country/countries? _______________________________________________

3. Age group of women this program serves: ______________________________________________

4. Estimated number of women/girls this project serves annually: ________________________________

5. Please carefully review the application guidelines and special funds page. If your proposal fits the guidelines for one of our special funds, please indicate which one below. Otherwise, your proposal will be reviewed for the General Fund.

__ The Ellen Dougherty Activist Fund for Young Women

__ The Jeanne Meurer Indigenous Women’s Fund

__ The Edie Windsor for Old Lesbians

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