Our mission is to contribute to the development of an efficient and robust sharing of research data. In doing so, we adopt a broad perspective which, by taking into account educational and social implications of this topic, goes well beyond purely scientific concepts.

While our long term goal is to build a general framework which may be used in different fields of knowledge and help interdisciplinary interactions, in this first stage of our initiative, we focus on genetic and anthropological research data. We are very interested in extending the project and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

The Opening Science to Society web site is a workspace to be shared with all those who believe that data sharing is an important means to advance scientific progress and to open science to society. At present, it gives access to:
- a brief synopsis of the initiative
- information about our ongoing activities
- an updated list of articles concerning data sharing
- numerous links to scientific and educational resources

  How to cite this web site: Destro Bisol G, Capocasa M, Anagnostou P. Greco P. 2013. Opening  Science to Society, a new initiative of the
  Istituto Italiano di Antropologia. Journal of  Anthropological Sciences 91: 233-235.