The heart of the HSO-100 is a ARM9 CPU running at 250Mhz. It has 64MB DDR RAM as well as 128MB disk-on-module flash. Since it is a standard IDE DOM, it can be extended to be up to 16GB.

In addition to the SOC, the HSO-100 integrates lots of devices for the home automation applications.
  • Four IR emitter, which can emit signals with multiple carry wave frequency from 30K to 56K.
  • IR learning capability. It has built-in LIRC interface which can support any LIRC configuration files.
    • The ARM FIQ-based driver is available for software programmable RF remote control.
  • Builtin Z-wave support
    • There are tons of Z-wave devices available in different areas.
  • Audio support
    • Two high fedelity audio input provide up to 96db input.
    • One audio output and one digital output.
  • One 10/100 Ethernet port.
  • One USB port and one extra internal USB port.
  • Relay boards with
    • Two high current relays outputs
    • Three optical-isolated digital inputs
    • Five optical-isolated digital output
    • One RS232 ports