The toolchain of the HSO-100 is available here. It is based on GCC 3.4.6 and uClibc. The toolchain is available at


The kernel source code is available at


We use openembedded as the building system of the HSO-100. Currently, we use pre-built toolchain. We will switch to the openembedded toolchain soon. The document for the openembedded for the HSO-100 is [OpenEmbedded for the HSO-100].

The binary distribution is available [HSO-100 binary distribution[. However, we encourage users to build the package from the open embedded in this stage since most functions are still evolving. The binary distribution may not be able to match it.

The available and planned packages are [BSP package list].


Work in progress. Please monitor this page for updated information. We will reelase it in 3Q 09.


The information for individual is avilable in the following links.