Welcome to the English page of the OpenHebrew project, a high quality Hebrew support for both the iPhone and iPod Touch and iPad. While the main site is in Hebrew, here you can read the important parts in English.

Note that you must jailbreak your device and have Cydia installed on it, in order to install this project.

Basically there are a few projects which I currently support. The first is the free "OpenHebrew3 support for iPhoneOS 3.x" which adds some nice hebrew and general fixes to the iPhoneOS, the second is "Hebrew support for iPad" which adds a virtual hebrew keyboard for the ipad.

You can check other projects I did for jailbreak-land here:


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Installation Instructions

Search for any of my packages on Cydia and install them, it's that simple.

I claim no warranty, and no support of any kind to this project, you are using it on your own risk, and before using it, you should read the usage terms in my site before using it.