Department of Transportation - Updated

Version 1.2 of the Department of Transportation (DOT)’s Open Government Plan is excellent.  DOT has made substantive improvements to the plan in each of the three versions it has already produced, demonstrating the ever-evolving nature of its program.  Version 1.2 improves on those that came before by elaborating on the agency’s effort to develop an accurate data inventory and to prioritize data.  The first version of DOT’s Open Government Plan released on April 7 failed to receive full credit for meeting requirements of the Open Government Directive (OGD) due to the exclusion of relatively minor items such as website links; these issues have all been addressed. Version 1.2 meets all of the requirements, and exceeds several of the requirements.

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If you any think part of the agency's plan is impressive, or you have concrete suggestions on how the agency could improve its plan, please share your ideas with us using the form at the bottom of the page.

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