Department of Defense

The Department of Defense’s (DOD) Open Government Plan acknowledges the principles set forth in the OGD, but provides very little in the way of concrete commitments and fresh ideas. DOD’s plan references ideas that have already been attempted or are currently in use. Examples of these include the bloggers' roundtable and its 2009 competition that challenged participants to locate ten red balloons in undisclosed locations across the United States. The Department, however, fails take the next step and augment, evolve, or otherwise expand these initiatives.

DOD would improve its plan by adding specificity (dates and milestones) to its currently described “plans to plan.” The Department’s plan would also be improved by clearly describing and/or linking to a clear explanation of the agency’s processes for responding to request for information from the public using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Congressional inquiries. As a massive agency with many employees and a huge chunk of the federal budget, the DOD should set an example for other agencies and develop a plan that promises the public the data and information it needs to hold the agency accountable. For example, DoD should grant public access to the department’s revolving door database.

If you any think part of the agency's plan is impressive, or you have concrete suggestions on how the agency could improve its plan, please share your ideas with us using the form at the bottom of the page.