Agency for International Development

The Agency for International Development’s (USAID) plan largely meets all of the OGD requirements and demonstrates good progress toward making the agency’s activities more transparent, participatory and collaborative. The description and details of planning that has gone into creating USAID’s “flagship initiative” is especially commendable. Moreover, USAID has made a number of data sets and reports public.  USAID’s plans to collaborate with the public through new tools such as blogs and comments are also notable. 

The plan would be strengthened by providing more detail in identifying their information inventory and a schedule of when the information will be available. USAID’s plan would also be strengthened by identifying and detailing methods by which collaboration can be expanded, and by providing more operational details regarding its treatment of FOIA requests and congressional requests for information.

If you any think part of the agency's plan is impressive, or you have concrete suggestions on how the agency could improve its plan, please share your ideas with us using the form at the bottom of the page.