Backporting the Fokker F50 to

Several newer aircraft will not load into Flight Gear version This is unfortunate since there are so many newer aircraft listed on the Flight Gear website, over 400 aircraft in total.

Is there some way to correct the incompatibilities and back port the model into FG? I believe it is possible.

The first step is to get the 3D model to load. This is by substituting an exisiting 3D model with the Fokker F 50 3D model, textures and all, and check if it loads
The first result was an all pink model without any textures. Copying the textures and all the model files into the text folder corrected the probem:

The next step was to load the model into Flight Gear itself. This was accomplished, however the frame rate dropped to 1 frame per second.

The F50 loads without the 3D cockpit model added, frame rates are in the high 20s as opposed to 1 fps.

The landing gear is below ground, so the initial position of the model has to be adjusted in the -set file .

Cockpit model commented out, maybe the cockpit can be combined with the aircraft 3d model.

<!-- Cockpit model



Copying the liveries out of the liveries folder and placing them in the models folder without any reference automatically paints the model in KLM colors. Some panels need to be added, though.

The liveries folder can be deleted.

Inspection of the cockpit and the aircraft files showed that these were two separate objects. Using Blender, it was possible to import the files and combine them.

 In the image below the cockpit 3d model  was loaded into Blender  and them moved to the center . Then the plane model was then imported to the same scene, that is why the cockpit is on top of the plane. Selecting the textures menu in Blender instantly loaded the KLM texture to the model, I must say it looks very nice.

Loads in FGRUN with textures

Loads onto runway, brakes need to be set and height above runway adjusted. Note some textures missing (pink panels)

Next, using blender, the cockpit .ac file was important into the aircraft model file and combined.

Frontal view

Several instruments were commented out since frame rates were slow.

Pilot view distance was adjusted using the tool to gauge distances

 <!-- Set the pilot's view position changed  for f50 from pa28-->
  <!-- X- offset - Left and Right. 1.0 sets view outside the right side of aircraft
       y - offset must be up and down - increase to 0.5 should be OK
       z- offset  -7.50 ffront and back - just perfect for  f50 -->

  <view n="0">
   <internal archive="y">true</internal>
   <x-offset-m archive="y">-0.5</x-offset-m>
     <y-offset-m archive="y">0.25</y-offset-m>
     <z-offset-m archive="y">-7.50</z-offset-m>

Solved the landing gear animation and FDM problem at the same time by copying the Beech 1900D YASIM FDM. Some parameters need to be changed:


Landing gear out on start up and take off

Landing gear comes up -responds to the "g" key