Map making procedure

This map was made with the help of mkgmap software. This programm converts OpenStreetMap data into Garmin .img file format so that it can be loaded onto compatible GPS units.

To understand the basics, first read a short description how to use mkgmap

Terms of use

The Openfietsmap style and typ files are available for non-commercial purposes and are licensed under cc-by-nc-sa


Custom files (see


1) Download the latest europe.osm.pbf extract (or for example the netherlands.osm.pbf if you are only interested in one country)

2) Split the file with the mkgmap splitter  with the following java command:
java -Xmx1024m -jar c:\directory\splitter-r(latest)\splitter.jar --output=pbf --output-dir=splitter --max-nodes=1400000 --mapid=10010001 --geonames-file=cities15000.txt  --poly-file=benelux.poly  europe.osm.pbf

3) Compile the splitter output (osm.pbf files with a template.args file) with mkgmap into garmin img's:
java -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m  -jar c:\directory\mkgmap-r(latest)\mkgmap.jar -c osm_bnl.args -c splitter\template.args -c contours.args 10010.txt

4) Run the mapsource installer: "c:\Program Files\NSIS\makensis.exe" openfietsmap.nsi

Conversion to gmap / Mac OSX format

The installed map is converted into the new Garmin gmap  / Mac OSX format with Javawa's Mapconverter
Use the client version to implement it in the workflow:

jmc_cli -src=source_folder -dest=destination_folder -bmap=10010000.img -gmap="Openfietsmap (BNL).gmap"

Contour lines

a) Create tiles with elevation contour lines with srtm2Osm:
Srtm2Osm.exe -large -cat 50 25 -step 5 -bounds1 49 2 54 7 -o srtm.osm
b) Split the file srtm.osm with the splitter:
java -Xmx1024m -jar c:\directory_x\splitter-r(latest)\splitter.jar --split-file=areas_bnl_srtm.list srtm.osm
c) the resulting img files with contour lines can be edited with gpsmapedit .
The mp tiles are processed with mkgmap into img format and merged with the osm data in step 3
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