The Released Project List of Our Corporation:

This is the software list of our corporation which has been released so far.
These are programs which we have already built pages 

There are some programs that we have not built pages:
  • The program of internet navigation
    Illustration: This is an interesting program which can help you never get lost in the web pages of the internet, so it is easy for you to find the place that where you want to go and where you are.
    Status: unfinished. We still have much work to do.

  • The management system of company's inner
    Illustration: Record the logs of out work of the company. It can use short messages as assisted tool to notice staffs.
    Status: We have just finished the first edition which can be used now, but it still has some problems which need to be solved. It is used within the corporation, so we do not release it here.

  • A verified tool for Microsoft signature
    Illustration: It can help you to test whether the current file is published from Microsoft.
    Status: It can be used now, but not perfect. This tool still has a few fatal Bug, but we cannot solve its algorithm temporarily, so we lay up it now.

  • A checked tool of win32 startup files
    Illustration: It can help you to remove all viruses fleetly which will come out during startup, so it is convenient for you to kill virus after startup.
    Status: This tool is overdone. Owing to the excessively severe examination, it leads to some system cannot startup after check. It can only pass a few computers. Sometimes, we may have to reprogram.

  • A tool to transmit files
    Illustration: It is a tool to transmit files in LAN, as well as in WAN, which is similar to FTP client. According to different patterns of files, it can adopt different transmitted ways.
    Status: Its compressed algorithm is not so good, as well as transmitted algorithm. While adopting compressed transmission, its transmitted efficiency in LAN deceases and a lot of resource is occupied by uncompression. When it does not need do compress algorithm, it also cannot make the network bandwidth occupation reach 100 percentage, and its peak value can only reach 99%, so we lay up it temporarily.

  • The module of REGEDIT operation in win32
    Illustration: importing, exporting and comparing REGEDIT or the data of REGEDIT formats. This module usually is used in win32 system management which is so convenient. It has a powerful function, so I feel it is wonderful.
    Status: It has already finished basically. Because it is used as the module of the company's inner in the other programs, so we do not release it here.

  • There remains to be some small tools.

These are some project that we will program later:
  • To transplant the old XP system to the new XP system
    Illustration: It needs to transplant all non-virus software in the old system to the new XP system.
    Status: This program which we are preparing may start between 2009 February and April 

  • A tool to test and restore the XP system
    Illustration: To restore the XP system to the normal level in a certain range.
    Status: After we finish the above project, we start to consider this one. Because our documents are limited, so it has so many difficulties.

  • Openshell project
    Illustration: We propose this project for a long time. It is a kind of desktop software which is similar to Sugar. The website of this item is:  
    Status: This project possibly cannot be put on the agenda recently. If the pre-project goes smoothly and has a good technical accumulation, it will begin soon.

  • Shellweb project
    Illustration: This is a browser project which we also submit for a long time.
    Status: It may come to an untimely end. God bless!
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