About Opener Tech

        Opener Technical Co., Ltd is a small software technical company from china.
        Our corporation adheres on people-oriented aim, and insists on that technology is the main competition. According to this, we open up many new products continuously.

        Our corporation uses Perl as the major program language that relies on the strong resource of open source software, so our products which are made at a good speed are diverse and are excellent in quality.
        Since 2001, we begin to use Perl to develop websites.
        We adopt Perl to program SMS gateway system and online e-mail system in 2004.
        From 2008, we start to program many kinds of desktop applications. 
        Now, we are good at developing many kinds of network clients of GUI, and we have advantages in managing the win32 platform as well.
        The corporation can take on developing software which have mentioned above, as well as technical supporting service of self-developed software, such as Opener Chat and Opener Package and so on. This is the list of the programs which we Code in 2008. The fee for hire us refer to the donated page.

Any question please contact us.
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