The OpenELIS guide has been developed by and for the OpenELIS community with the content applicable to most global implementers of OpenELIS.  The objective of this guide is to enable the use of staff and resources within the Ministry of Health and build capacity in the government structure. The guide (as illustrated in the figure below) steps through all the stages of an OpenELIS implementation: from the point of the first meeting with a laboratory to evaluation of the OpenELIS installation and routine maintenance of the system. Therefore, implementers can decide at what stage they wish to be involved and refer to this guide to determine the steps required.  

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Figure illustrating layout of Guide. Click figure to view and print larger version


For more information on the global implementations of OpenELIS, go here: http://openelisglobal.org


This guide is the product of collaborations and contributions from many people.  Primary contributors include:

  • The St. John Group, especially Reshma Kakkar
  • Global Cybersoft/Vietnam, especially Dang Han Tien and Doan Van Huy 
  • University of Washington, especially Jim Sibley and Bill Lober
This guide is licensed under a Creative Commons license (see footer for details)

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