OpenELIS was created as a collaboration between Minnesota and Iowa for public health laboratories as both a software and business process framework for the robust functioning of public health laboratories. They continue to be the developers for this version. The software has been released as open source under the Mozilla license.

Iowa maintains the official web site with blogs, documentation and software downloads of their versions. Visit the OpenELIS community site at the University of Iowa (home of the parent project for OpenELIS Global).

OpenELIS has also been adopted by two sites in Vietnam as their LIS and continues to be developed within Vietnam by a team of developers working closely with the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL).

Project Team


University of Washington
  • Casey Iiams-Hauser, Product Owner / Manager, UW I-TECH (digi@uw.edu for more information)
  • Jen Antilla, Informatics Implementation Specialist / Capacity Building Lead, UW I-TECH
  • Greg Rossum, Senior Software Developer UW I-TECH
  • Caleb Steele-Lane, Software Developer, UW I-TECH
Association of Public Health Laboratories 
  • Michelle Meigs, Manager, Informatics Program
  • Reshma Kakkar, Consultant
  • Paul Jankauskas, Laboratory Information Specialist, CDC
  • Dang Han Tien, Software Developer, GlobalCyberSoft, <tiendh@globalcybersoft.com>
  • Guerschon Francois, Software developer, CHARESS
Cote d'Ivoire
  • Paul Henri, Health Information Systems Advisor II, I-TECH Cote d'Ivoire
  • Pascal Komena, Health Information Systems Advisor I, I-TECH Cote d'Ivoire
  • Jean Bernard Amani, Senior Lab Informatics Manager, CDC Cote d'Ivoire 

Project Alumni
  • Nathaelf Hyppolite, Informatics Director, CHARESS
  • Robert McLaughlin, Director of SIGHT, UW I-TECH 
  • Andrea Hartzler, Implementation Specialist,  UW I-TECH
  • Laura Nixon, Analyst, University of Washignton
  • Paul Hill, Software Engineer, University of Washington
  • Kasey Champion, Software Engineer (CSE student), University of Washington
  • Ngezahayo Fiston, Interoperability Developer, JEMBI Health Systems, Rwanda
  • Justin Sogo, Implementation Specialist, I-TECH Cote d'Ivoire
  • John Wesley-Nelson, Laboratory Advisor, I-TECH Haiti
  • Dimitri Pierre-Lys, LIS Officer, I-TECH Haiti
  • Bill Lober, Director of Informatics, UW I-TECH, <lober@uw.edu>
  • Jan Flowers, Informatics Program Manager, UW I-TECH, <jflow2@uw.edu>
  • Paul Schwartz, Software Engineer UW I-TECH
  • Jim Sibley, Software Engineer, UW I-TECH
  • Mark Stewart, Interaction Developer, UW I-TECH
  • Gifford Cheung, Software Engineer (PhD Candidate iSchool), University of Washington