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Primary message:
To be the primary portal for information on open data in Ireland

Primary Goal:
To increase and drive participation in the Irish open data community

What this might look like:
  • More meetups/events/hack days and higher attendance
  • More people/discussion on the Google Group
  • More interaction/building on datasets
  • Anything else?
Other Goals/Enablers:
  1. Provide information on open data
  2. Help people get educated and up to speed on what's going on
  3. Raise awareness of existing initiatives and projects
  4. (Down the list) Provide link into wider open data movement worldwide, give context
  • Zero budget/resources
  • No owner, no one to maintain
  • As per above - unknown level of tech skills
  • Don't want to duplicate CKAN content, is scraping/search an option?
  • Responsive
  • Google Analytics
  • CMS
  • Use out of box functionality where possible - needs to be well documented so it can be handed over to future owners
  • Easy to maintain
  • Automate content where possible, use COPE where needed, investigate RSS/Twitter feeds etc.

Citizen Joe
About Joe:
  • Has heard about open data, but doesn't really know what it is
  • Not a coder - uses web mainly for social media/entertainment/news
  • Active in local community as a volunteer
Joe wants to:
  • Find out more about open data and feel educated
  • Find out what is going on with open data and what it means for him
  • Find out if there's any way that he could get involved with his skillset
What we need to give Joe:
  • Clear, structured information on the basics of open data
  • Get him to feel that there's a place
  • Identify all the ways in which he can get involved immediately, without any hurdles (i.e. needing certain knowledge or skills)
Data Dana
About Data Dana:
  • Familar with data sets
  • Codes in her spare time
  • Comfortable with technical jargon
Dana wants to:
  • Find the latest data sets that are available
  • Experiment with new things
  • See what other projects/apps people have worked on to get inspiration
What we need to give Dana:
  • Make searching datasets easy
  • Link up disparate sources of Irish datasets e.g.
  • Highlight new/interesting datasets and apps