Phase 1 Courses

There are different ways to access the Open Course Library course materials:

View Courses

To view all courses, enter the WashingtonOnline (WAOL) system with the guest account below:
  1. Go to:
  2. Username: guest_ocl
  3. Password: ocl
  4. Click on a course

Download Courses

If you use a learning management system you can download all the materials for an entire course. Course files are available in Common Cartridge and ANGEL format on the SBCTC Connexions page. We are grateful to Connexions for helping us share these courses.

Please note: Human Anatomy & Physiology I/II will be available soon.

Adapted Courses

Several Open Course Library materials have been adapted by our friends at the Saylor Foundation, with more courses on the way. Browse SBCTC-Saylor courses here.

If Open Course Library materials have been used or adapted in other public places we would like to hear about it. Please contact us.

List of Courses

A complete list of the 42 phase 1 courses is available here.