Color Transform Example

Final Image: sRGB

Digital Intermediate (DI): 
log dpx

Render: scene-linear exr   

Images from "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs"
spi-animation profile, available in Downloads section
OpenColorIO (OCIO) is an open source color management project from Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Based on development started in 2003, OpenColorIO enables color transforms and image display to be handled in a consistent manner across multiple graphics applications (compositors, image playback tools, renderers, color grading, etc).

Unlike other color management solutions, OCIO is geared towards motion-picture post production and is suitable for both visual effects work and animated features.

OpenColorIO has been used on dozens of feature films including Alice in Wonderland, Cloudy With A Chance Of MeatballsSpiderman(s), Surf's Up, and Watchmen.

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists associated with OpenColorIO:

    For end-users (artists, often) of OCIO who have questions related to OCIO profile design, management, and workflow questions.

ocio-dev @
    For users of OCIO tools, APIs, or people integrating OpenColorIO into other applications.

Downloading and building the code

At present, there is not a separate precompiled or binary-only distribution of OpenColorIO (though we hope to eventually have one). For now, you'll have to check out and build the code yourself. 

Source code is available on Github at
Download a .zip or .tar.gz of the current state of the repository.

Note that OCIO profiles are required to do any 'real' work, and are available from the Downloads section of this site. Example images are also available. 


For more information, contact Jeremy Selan.
For information on other open source projects by Imageworks, see