AACR2 Outline

This section is an attempt to bring all of the rule interpretations for AACR2 available on the web into a single place. They are designed to be used with a current copy of AACR2. This section currently includes all of the latest Rule Interpretations from the Library of Congress, the basic proposals from RDA and how this would impact AACR2, and the MRIs created by Michael Gorman and J. McRee (Mac) Elrod available at SLC.
  • Currently, the LC rule interpretations are not labelled as such, but the RDA proposals, and the MRIs are labelled RDA or MRI. (See example below)
  • Please note: In order to access the MRIs, you first need to create a free account.

Future work includes the ISBD rules in this system, but they are still available now through the ISBD Outline.