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Major RDA Changes from AACR2 by MARC Field


20 February 2010       

These changes will not be adoped by slc  unless and until they begin appearing in derived national cataloging agency records.



    100  RDA change: Entry under first author, regardless of number.  Cf.

      In older records, the title is the main entry if more than three
      authors, i.e., no  100.

  110 RDA change: Treaties are entered under the first country mentioned,
      regardless of number or alphabetical order, or in the case of a
      treaty between one country and a group of countries, enter under the
      one country.

  130 RDA change: "$pO.T." and "$pN.T." removed from  between  "Bible"
      and $p name of the individual books.  For the whole Old  and New
      Testaments, spelled out.

  2XX RDA change:  Use square brackets only for information not found in
      the item, regardless of source within the item. Leave brackets
      in older records.

      RDA change: "[sic]" or bracketed additional letters no longer
      used after typos.  Create 246 with corrected title spellings.
  245 RDA change: For compilations, use the RDA option of supplying a title
      in brackets, rather than using the title of the first work as title
      proper.  This allows slc to continue creating only one bibliographic
      record per physical item, a requirement for many of our clients.

[245$h [gmd]  SEE PART II below]

  245$c RDA change: Transcribe all authors, regardless of number.  in
       the case of a compilation with supplied title, transcribe statements
       of responsibilities after titles in 505.

       Abandonment of the Rules Of Three removes the need for "[et al.]" or
       "[and others]".

  250 RDA change: Transcribe rather than abbreviate, e.g., 250 $aSecond

  260 RDA requires transcription in full and allows omitting
      [bracketed] jurisdiction if absent.  SLC will transcribe jurisdiction
      (or supply using AACR2 abbreviations).  SLC will not transcribe
      postal codes as jurisdictions, but substitute AACR2 abbreviations
      in square brckets.  Supplying missing information in a note does not
      support clients' brief OPAC displays

      SLC will continue to use ISBD Latin abbreviations rather than
      English phrases, because of our international customer base.

  300 Abbreviations such as "p.", "v.", "ill.", spelled out; cm without
      period considered a symbol, not an abbreviation; "in." still

  630  see 130

  700 RDA change: Tracing all authors as opposed to only 2nd and 3rd.

  710 RDA change:  For a treaty entered under title, change the first
      710 (first jurisdiction mentioned ) to 110, and the 245 1st indicator
      to 1 if 0.  Change any 130 to 730.

      RDA change: Spell out "Dept", if LC/LAC accept this change.

  730   see 130



  245$h[gmd] RDA change:  Enter media terms in 336-338 (qv), not 245$h.

  For clients requiring 245$h, SLC will export [338 carrier + 336
  content] as 245$h.

336 Content type

For systems requiring 245$h, field 336 is exported as second half of
compound GMD, e.g., 245$h[online resource : text]

Follow each term with $2rdacontent

xartographic dataset                         }
cartographic image                           } [SLC exports "cartographic";
cartographic moving image                    } SMD is specific term.]
cartographic tactile image                   }
cartographic tactile three-dimensional form  }
cartographic three-dimensional form          }
computer dataset
computer program
notated movement
notated music
performed music
spoken word
still image   [SMD is more specific term, e.g., "engraving", "painting"[
tactile image                                }
tactile music                                }    [SLC exports "tactile";
tactile notated movement                     }    SMD is specitic term .]
tactile text                                 }
tactile three-dimensional form               }
text  [Do not create 245$h if 338 is "volume" and 336 is "text".]
three-dimensional form   [SLC exports "form"]
three-dimensional moving image   [SLC exports "3-D moving image"]
two-dimensional moving image   [SLC exports "moving image"]

337 Media type

Optional.  Do not assign, but leave in derived records.  Change
"computer" to "electronic$2isbcArea0" if present.

Follow each term except "electronic" with $2rdamedia.

Not exported as part of 245$h.

[electronic] [SLC uses ISBD Area 0 term. rather than RDA's "computer".]
unmediated  [SLC suppresses if 338 displayed]

338 Carrier type

For systems requiring 245$h, field 338 is exported as first half of
compound GMD, e.g., 245$h[online resource : text]

Follow each term with $2rdacarrier

1) Audio carriers

audio cartridge
audio cylinder
audio disc
sound-track reel
audio roll
audiotape reel

2) Electronic carriers

computer card
computer chip cartridge
computer disc
computer disc cartridge
computer tape cartridge
computer tape cassette
computer tape reel
online resource

3) Microform carriers

aperture card
microfiche cassette
microfilm cartridge
microfilm cassette
microfilm reel
microfilm slip

4) Microscopic carriers

microscope slide

5) Projected image carriers

film cartridge
film cassette
film reel
filmstrip cartridge
overhead transparency
slide [Use for photographic slides only]

5) Stereographic carriers

stereograph card
stereograph disc

6) Unmediated carriers

volume  [Do not export; do not create 245$h if 338 is "volume" and 336
        is "text".]

7) Video carriers

video cartridge
videotape reel



Several good and bad ideas in earlier RDA drafts have been abandoned:

B.C.E. and C.E. substituted for B.C. and A.D.
  The faith neutral designations would have been a welcome change, and one which could be
  made retrosptively by clobal change.

Compilers of works by more than one author may be main entry, as they were
 prior to AACR.
`This reversion to earlier practice would have been in keeping with academic bibliographic
  practice, and patron expectation.

Alternate title not a part of title proper.
  As long as GMDs are placed after title proper, this is a vitally needed change.  Even after
  carrier and content designations move elsewhere, alternate title has much in common with parallel
  title, and should be treated the same way;  ", or" can be handled in the same way as ", and"
  for items without a collective title.

Statement of responsibility not a core element.
  It is good that the JSC reversed this poor decision.  If non cast motion picture credits were
  moved from 245$c to other such credits in 508, much of the objection to statement of responsility
  as a core element would vanish.

Place of publication not a core element.
  It is good that the JSC reversed this poor call.  The absence of place of publication from some
  items such as websites, does not mean it is not needed where known.