LC/PCC implementation

Bibliographic records. Substitute one form of abbreviation with the prescribed abbreviation in the edition area and in the series statement/series access point in all bibliographic records created after August 31, 2001.11

PCC practice: Series authority records (SARs) used or created after August 31, 2001 SAR already in the national authority file. If the abbreviation in the “series numbering example” information (642 field) is not the prescribed abbreviation, change the 642 field to the prescribed abbreviation. For example, change “vol. 2" to “v. 2" or change “numb. 1" to “no. 1.” Notify LC’s Cooperative Cataloging Team.

SAR being added to the national authority file. Substitute one form of abbreviation with the prescribed abbreviation when giving the 642 field information.

Rationale for implementation decisions. It is recognized that the decision to change the 642 field in existing SARs will create split files in some local catalogs using bibliographic 4XX/8XX subfield $v information for indexing, sorting, and display for some types of searches. However, the benefit of consistent actions for catalogers, the fact that no additional bibliographic records will be created that would need to be updated in the future, and the potential ability to set off the numeral from the abbreviation in the subfield $v information in bibliographic records justify the decision to change existing SARs.

CONSER standard record and minimal record practice: It is not required to use abbreviations when giving numbering in a note.