AACR2 Chapter 25 - Uniform Titles

25.1 Use of Uniform Titles

25.2 General Rule

25.2C Initial articles
25.2D Romanization
25.2E Added entries and references

Individual Titles

25.3 Works Created After 1500

25.3B RDA
25.3C Simultaneous publication under different titles 25.3C. SIMULTANEOUS PUBLICATION UNDER DIFFERENT TITLES.
25.3C1 RDA
25.3C2 RDA
25.3C3 RDA

25.4 Works Created Before 1500

25.4A General rule 25.4A. Works Created Before 1501. General Rule
25.4B Classical and Byzantine Greek works
25.4C Anonymous works written neither in Greek nor in a roman script

25.5 Additions

25.5A Scope
25.5B Conflict resolution 25.5B CONFLICT RESOLUTION.
25.5C Language 25.5C. LANGUAGE MRI

25.6 Parts of a Work

25.6A One part 25.6A
25.6B More than one part

25.7 Two Works Issued Together

Collective Titles

25.8 Complete Works

25.9 Selections

25.9A MRI

25.10 Works in a Single Form

25.11 Translations, etc.

25.12 Uniform Titles for Cycles and for Stories with Many Versions

Special Rules for Certain Types of Work

25.13 Manuscripts and Manuscript Groups

25.14 Incunabula

Laws, Treaties, etc.

25.15 Laws, etc.

25.15A Modern laws, etc.
25.15A1 Collections 25.15A1. Collections
25.15A2 Single laws, etc. 25.15A2
25.15B Ancient laws, certain medieval laws, customary laws, etc.

25.16 Treaties, etc.

25.16 MRI
25.16A Collections of treaties, etc.
25.16B One treaty, etc.
25.16B1 Two or three parties RDA
25.16B2 Four or more parties
25.16B3 Protocols, etc.

Sacred Scriptures

25.17 General Rule

25.17A MRI

25.18 Parts of Sacred Scriptures and Additions

25.18A Bible 25.18A Bible RDA
25.18A1 General rule
25.18A2 Testaments
25.18A3 Books
25.18A4 Groups of books
25.18A5 Apocrypha
25.18A6 Refereences
25.18A7 Single selections
25.18A8 Two selections
25.18A9 Other selections
25.18A10 Language
25.18A11 Version RDA
25.18A12 Alternatives to version
25.18A13 Year
25.18A14 Apocryphal books
25.18B Talmud
25.18C Mishnah and Tosefta
25.18D References for the Talmud, Mishnah, and Tosefta
25.18E Midrashim
25.18F Buddhist scriptures
25.18G Vedas
25.18H Aranyakas, Brahmanas, Upanishads
25.18J Jaina Āgama
25.18K Avesta
25.18L References for Vedas, Aranyakas, Brahmanas, Upanishads, Jaina Āgama, and Avesta
25.18M Koran MRI
25.18M1 MRI
25.18M2 MRI

Liturgical Works

25.19 General Rule

25.19B RDA

25.20 Catholic Liturgical Works

25.21 Jewish Liturgical Works

25.22 Variant and Special Texts

25.22B RDA

25.23 Parts of Liturgical Works

Official Papal Communication, etc.

25.24 Official Communications of the Pope and the Roman Curia

Musical works

25.25 General Rule

Individual Titles

25.26 General Rule

25.27 Selection of Title

25.27. Selection of Title
25.27A General rule
25.27B Better known title in the same language
25.27C Long titles
25.27D Titles including the name of a type of composition

25.28 Isolation of Initial Title Element

25.29 Formulation of Initial Title Element

25.29A Initial title elements consisting solely of the name of one type of composition
25.29B Duets
25.29C Trio sonatas

25.30 Additions to Initial Title Elements Consisting of the Name(s) of One or More Types of Composition

25.30B1 General rule 25.30B1. General Rule RDA
25.30B2 Instrumental music intended for one performer to a part
25.30B3 Standard combinations of instruments 25.30B3. Standard Combinations of Instruments
25.30B4 Individual instruments 25.30B4. Individual instruments
25.30B5 Groups of instruments 25.30B5. Groups of instruments
25.30B6 Instrumental music for more orchestra, string orchestra, band
25.30B7 Solo instrument(s) and accompanying ensemble 25.30B7. Solo instrument(s) and accompanying ensemble
25.30B8 Solo voices RDA
25.30B9 Choral music
25.30B10 Accompaniment for songs, Lieder, etc. 25.30B10. Accompaniment For Songs, Lieder, etc.
25.30B11 Indeterminate medium of performance RDA
25.30C Numeric identifying elements
25.30C1 General rule
25.30C2 Serial numbers 25.30C2. Serial Numbers
25.30C3 Opus numbers 25.30C3. Opus Numbers
25.30C4 thematic index numbers
25.30D Key
25.30D. Key RDA
25.30D1 Pre-twentieth-century works
25.30D2 Post-nineteenth-century works 25.30D2. Post-Nineteenth-Century Works
25.30E Other identifying elements

25.31 Additions to Other Initial Title Elements

25.31A General rule
25.31B Conflict resolution
25.31C Alterations of musico-dramatic works

25.32 Parts of a Work

25.32A One part
25.32B More than one part
25.32C Additions

25.33 Two Works Issued Together

Collective Titles

25.34 Collective Titles

25.34C Works of various types in one broad or specific medium, and works of one type for one specific medium or various media


25.35 Additions for Musical Works

25.35. Additions to Uniform Titles for Music
25.35A General rule
25.35B Sketches
25.35C Arrangements 25.35C. Arrangements
25.35D Vocal and chorus scores
25.35E Librettos and song texts
25.35F Language 25.35F. Language
25.35F1 Translations
25.35F2 Liturgical works