AACR2 Chapter 22 - Headings for Persons

Choice of Name

22.1 General Rule 22.1. GENERAL RULE.
22.1D. Diacritical marks and hyphens
22.1D2 RDA

22.2 Choice Among Different Names

22.2A Predominant name 22.2A. Predominant Name
22.2C Change of name

22.3 Choice Among Different Forms of the Same Name

22.3A Fullness 22.3A. FULLNESS.
22.3B Language
22.3C Names written in a nonroman script 22.3C. Names written in a nonroman script.
22.3D Spelling 22.3D. Spelling
22.3D1 RDA

Entry Element

22.4 General Rule 22.4. General rule.
22.4B Order of elements

22.5 Entry Under Surname

22.5A General rule 22.5A
22.5B Element other than the first treated as a surname
22.5C Compound surnames RDA
22.5D Surnames with separately written prefixes 22.5D. SURNAMES WITH SEPARATELY WRITTEN PREFIXES.
22.5E Prefixes hyphenated or combined with surnames
22.5F Members of royal houses entered under surname, etc.

22.6 Entry Under Title of Nobility

22.6. Entry Under Title of Nobility

22.6A General rule
22.6B Special rules

22.7 Entry Under Romanian Patronymic

22.8 Entry Under Given Name, etc.

22.8. Entry Under Given Name, etc.
22.8A General rule
22.8B Names including a patronymic
22.8C Names of royal persons

22.9 Entry of Roman Names

22.10 Entry Under Initials, Letters, or Numerals 22.10. Entry Under Initials, Letters, or Numerals

22.11 Entry Under Phrase

Additions to Names


22.12 Titles of Nobility and Terms of Honor

22.12A Titles of nobility
22.12B British terms of honour

22.13 Saints

22.14 Spirits

22.15 Additiona to Names Entered Under Surname

22.15B Terms of address of married women 22.15B. TERMS OF ADDRESS OF MARRIED WOMEN.
22.15C RDA

22.16 Additions to Names Entered Under Given Name, etc.

22.16A Royalty
22.16B Popes
22.16C Bishops, etc. 22.16C. Bishops, etc.
22.16D Other persons of religious vocation 22.16D. Other persons of religious vocation.

Additions to Distinguish Identical Names

22.17 Dates

22.18 Fuller Forms

22.19 Distinguishing Terms

22.19A Names in which the entry element is a given name, etc.
22.19A1 MRI
22.19B Names in which the entry element is a surname
22.19B1. RDA

22.20 Undifferentiated Names

Special Rules for Names in Certain Languages

22.21 Introductory Rule

22.22 Names in the Arabic Alphabet

22.22. Names in the Arabic Alphabet
22.22A Scope
22.22B Entry element
22.22C Essential elements
22.22D Order of elements

22.23 Burmese and Karen Names

22.24 Chinese Names Containing a Non-Chinese Given Name

22.25 Indic Names

22.25A Early names
22.25B Modern names
22.25B2 Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu names
22.25B3 Sikh names
22.25B4 Religious names

22.26 Indonesian Names

22.26A Scope
22.26B Entry element
22.26C Names entered under the first element
22.26D Names consisting of given name(s) plus adat title
22.26E Names containing place names
22.26F Names of Chinese origin
22.26G Titles

22.27 Malay Names

22.27A Scope
22.27B General rule
22.27C Filial indicators
22.27D Titles

22.28 Thai Names

22.28A General rule
22.28B Royalty
22.28C Nobility (Khunnāng)
22.28D Buddhist monastics, ecclesiastics, and patriarchs