AACR2 Chapter 21 - Choice of Access Points

General Rules

21.0 Introductory Rules

21.0A Main and added entries
21.0B Sources for determining access points 21.0B. Sources for determining access points
21.0C Form of examples
21.0D Designation of function 21.0D. Optional Addition. Designations of Function RDA MRI

21.1 General Rule

21.1A Works of personal authorship
21.1A1 Definition
21.1A2 General rule 21.1A2 General rule
21.1B Entry under corporate body
21.1B1 Definition 21.1B1. General Rule. Definition
21.1B2 General rule 21.1B2. General rule
21.1C Entry under title 21.1C Entry under title.

21.2 Changes in Titles Proper

21.2 Changes in Titles Proper RDA
21.2A Definition
21.2B Monographs

21.3 Changes of Persons or Bodies Responsible for a Work

21.3 Changes of Persons or Bodies Responsible for a Work RDA
21.3A Monographs

21.4 Works for Which a Single Person of Corporate Body is Responsible

21.4A Works of single personal authorship
21.4B Works emanating from a single corporate body 21.4B Works emanating from a single corporate body.
21.4C Works erroneously or fictitiously attributed to a person of corporate body
21.4D Works by heads of state, other high government officials, popes, and other ecclesiastical officials
21.4D1 Official communications
21.4D2 Other works
21.4D3 Collections of official communications and other works

21.5 Works of Unknown or Uncertain Authorship or by Unnamed Groups

21.6 Works of Shared Responsibility

21.6A Scope
21.6B Principal responsibility indicated RDA
21.6B2 MRI
21.6C Principal responsibility not indicated RDA MRI
21.6C2 MRI
21.6D Shared pseudonyms

21.7 Collections and Works Produced Under Editorial Direction

21.7A Scope
21.7B With collective title 21.7B. With collective title
21.7B1 RDA
21.7C Without collective title 21.7C. Without collective title.
21.7C1 RDA

Works of Mixed Responsibility

21.8 Works of Mixed Responsibility
21.8A Scope

Works that are Modifications of Other Works

21.9 General rule
21.10 Modifications of Texts
21.11 Illustrated Texts
21.11A General rule
21.11B Illustrations published separately 21.11B Illustrations published separately
21.12 Revisions of Texts
21.12A Original author considered responsible
21.12B Original author no longer considered responsible
21.13 Texts Published with Commentary
21.13A Scope
21.13B Commentary emphasized
21.13C Edition of the work emphasized
21.13D Chief source of information ambiguous
21.14 Translations 21.14. TRANSLATIONS
21.15 Texts Published With Biographical/Critical Material

Art Works

21.16 Adaptations of Art Works
21.17 Reproductions of Two or More Art Works
21.17A Without text
21.17B With text 21.17B. With text.

Musical Works

21.18 General Rule
21.18A Scope
21.18B Arrangements, transcriptions, etc. 21.18B. Arrangements, transcriptions, etc.
21.18C Adaptations
21.19 Musical Works that Include Words
21.19A General rule
21.19B Pasticcios, ballad operas, etc.
21.19C Writer's works set by several composers
21.20 Muscial Settings for Ballets, etc.
21.21 Added Accompaniments, etc. 21.21 Added Accompaniments, etc.
21.22 Liturgical Music

Sound Recordings

21.23 Sound Recordings 21.23. Sound Recordings
21.23A One work
21.23B Two or more works by the same person(s) or body (bodies)
21.23C Works by different persons or bodies. Collective title 21.23C. Works by Different Persons or Bodies. Collective Title
21.23D Works by different persons or bodies. No collective title 21.23D. Works by different persons or bodies. No collective title

Mixed Responsibility in New Works

21.24 Collaboration Between Artist and Writer
21.25 Reports of Interviews or Exchanges
21.26 Spirit Communications
21.27 Academic Disputations 21.27. Academic Disputations

Related Works

21.28 Related Works RDA
21.28A Scope 21.28A. Scope
21.28B General Rule 21.28B. General rule

Added Entries

21.29 General Rule 21.29. GENERAL RULE.
21.30 Specific Rules
21.30A Two or more persons or bodies involved
21.30B Collaborators
21.30C Writers
21.30D Editors and compilers
21.30E Corporate bodies 21.30E. Corporate Bodies
21.30F Other related persons or bodies 21.30F. Other Related Persons or Bodies
21.30G Related works 21.30G. RELATED WORKS.
21.30H Other relationships 21.30H. Other Relationships
21.30J Titles 21.30J. TITLES.
21.30K Special rules on added entries in certain cases
21.30K1 Translators 21.30K1. Translators
21.30K2 Illustrators 1.30K2. Illustrators
21.30L Series 21.30L. SERIES.
21.30M Analytical entries 21.30M. Analytical entries.

Special Rules

Certain Legal Publications

21.31 Laws, etc.
21.31A Scope
21.31B Laws of modern jurisdictions 21.31B. Laws of modern jurisdictions.
21.31B1 Laws governing one jurisdication 21.31B1. Laws Governing One Jurisdiction
21.31B2 Laws governing more than on jurisdiction
21.31B3 Bills and drafts of legislation
21.31C Ancient laws, certain medieval laws, customary laws, etc. 21.31C. Ancient laws, certain medieval laws, custornary laws, etc.
21.32 Administrative Regulations, etc.
21.32A Administrative Regulations, etc. that are not laws 21.32A. Administrative regulations, etc., that are not laws
21.32B Administrative Regulations, etc. that are laws
21.32C Collections of administrative regulations
21.33 Constitutions, Charters, and Other Fundamental Laws 21.33A. Constitutlons, Charters, and Other Fundamental Laws
21.33C Drafts
21.34 Court Rules
21.35 Treaties, International treaties, etc.
21.35A International treaties RDA MRI MRI
21.35A1 Treaties, etc. between two or three governments 21.35A1. International Treaties, etc. MRI
21.35A2 Treaties, etc. between four or more governments 21.35A2. Treaties, etc., between four or more governments
21.35B Agreements contracted by international  intergovernmental bodies 21.35B. Agreements contracted by international intergovernmental bodies.
21.35C Agreements contracted by the Holy See 21.35C. Agreements contracted by the Holy See MRI
21.35D Agreements contracted by jurisdictions below the national level
21.35E Protocols, amendments, etc.
21.35F Collections
21.36 Court Decisions, Cases, etc.
21.36A Law reports
21.36A1 Reports of one court
21.36A2 Reports of more than one court
21.36B Citations, digests, etc.
21.36C Particular cases
21.36C1 Proceedings in the first instance. Criminal proceedings
21.36C2 Proceedings in the first instance. Other proceedings
21.36C3 Appeal proceedings
21.36C4 Indictments
21.36C5 Charges to juries
21.36C6 Judicial decisions RDA
21.36C7 Judicial opinions RDA
21.36C8 Records of one part
21.36C9 Collections

Certain Religious Publications

21.37 Sacred Scriptions
21.38 Theological Creeds, Confessions of Faith, etc.
21.39 Liturgical Works 21.39 Liturgical works.
21.39A General rule
21.39B Liturgical works of the Orthodox Eastern Church
21.39C Jewish liturgical works