AACR2 Chapter 26 - References


26.1 General Rule

26.1H RDA

26.2 Names of Persons

26.2A See references
26.2A1 Different names
26.2A2 Different forms of the name
26.2A3 Different entry elements
26.2B Name-title references
26.2C See also references 26.2C. NAMES OF PERSONS. "SEE ALSO" REFERENCES.
26.2D Explanatory references

26.3 Geographic Names and Names of Corporate Bodies

26.3A1 Different names
26.3A2 General and specific names of conferences
26.3A3 Different forms of the name 26.3A3 Different forms of the name
26.3A4 Initials 26.3A4. Initials
26.3A5 Numbers
26.3A6 Abbreviations 26.3A6 Abbreviations.
26.3A7 Different forms of heading 26.3A7. Different forms of heading
26.3B-C. See Also References and Explanatory References
26.3B See also references
26.3C Explanatory references
26.3C1 General rule
26.3C1 b) RDA
26.3C2 Acronyms

26.4 Uniform Titles

26.4B See references 26.4B. SEE REFERENCES.
26.4B1 Different titles or variants of the title 26.4B1. Different Titles or Variants of The Title MRI
26.4B2 Titles of parts of a work catalogued independently
26.4B3 Titles of part catalogued under the title of the whole work 26.4B3. Titles of Parts Catalogued Under the Title of the Whole Work MRI
26.4B4 Collective titles 26.4B4. Collective Titles
26.4C See also references 26.4C. See also references
26.4D Explanatory references
26.4D1 General rule
26.4D2 Title of parts of work catalogued independently 26.4D2. Titles of parts of a work cataloged independently.
26.4D3 Collective titles 26.4D3. Collective Titles

26.5 References to Added Entries for Series and Serials

26.6 References Instead of Added Entries Common to Many Editions