AACR2 Chapter 24 - Corporate Bodies

24.1 General Rule

24.1B Romanization 24.1B. Romanization
24.1C Changes of name

24.2 Variant Names. General Rules

24.3 Variant Names. Special Rules

24.3A Language 24.3A. Language
24.3B Language. International bodies
24.3C Conventional name
24.3C1 General rule
24.3C2 Ancient and international bodies
24.3C3 Autocephalous patriarchates, archdioceses, etc.
24.3D Religious orders and societies
24.3E Governments 24.3E. Governments.
24.3F Conferences, congresses, meetings, etc.
24.3G Local churches, etc. 24.3G Local churches, etc.

Additions, Omissions, and Modifications

24.4 Additions

24.4A General rule
24.4B Names not convening the idea of a corporate body 24.4B. NAMES NOT CONVEYING THE IDEA OF A CORPORATE BODY.
24.4C Two or more bodies with the same or similar names 24.4C. TWO OR MORE BODIES WITH THE SAME OR SIMILAR NAMES.
24.4C1 General rule
24.4C2 Names of countries, states, provinces, etc.
24.4C3 Local place names
24.4C4 Bodies located outside the British Isles 24.4C4. Change of name of jurisdiction or locality
24.4C5 Bodies located in the British Isles 24.4C5. Institutions.
24.4C6 Change of name or jurisdiction or locality
24.4C7 Institutions
24.4C8 Year(s)
24.4C9 Other additions

24.5 Omissions

24.5A Initial articles
24.5B Citations of honours
24.5C Terms indicating incorporation and certain other terms

24.6 Governments. Additions

24.7 Conferences, Congresses, Meetings, etc.

24.7A Omissions 24.7A. Omissions
24.7A1. RDA MRI
24.7B Additions 24.7B. Additions
24.7B1 General rule
24.7B2 Number 24.7B2 MRI
24.7B3 Date MRI
24.7B4 Location RDA MRI

24.8 Exhibitions, Fairs, Festivals, etc.

24.8A Omissions
24.8A1 RDA
24.8B Additions 24.8B. Additions

24.9 Chapters, Branches, etc.

24.10 Local Churches, etc.

24.11 Radio and Television Stations

Subordinate and Related Headings

24.12 General Rule

24.13 Subordinate and Related Bodies Entered Subordinately

24.14 Direct or Indirect Subheading

Special Rules

24.15 Joint Committees, Commissions, etc.

24.16 Conventionalized Subheadings for State and Local Elements of United States Political Parties

Government Bodies and Officials

24.17 General Rule

24.18 Government Agencies Entered Subordinately

24.19 Direct or Indirect Subheading

Special Rules

24.20 Government Officials

24.20A Scope
24.20B Heads of state, etc. 24.20B
24.20C Heads of governments and of international intergovernmental bodies
24.20D Governors of dependent or occupied territories
24.20E Other officials 24.20E

24.21 Legislative Bodies

24.22 Constitutional Conventions

24.23 Courts

24.23A Civil and criminal courts
24.23B Ad hoc military courts

24.24 Armed Forces

24.24A Armed forces at the national level 24.24A. Armed forces at the national level.
24.24B Armed forces below the national level

24.25 Embassies, Consulates, etc.

24.26 Delegations to International and Intergovernmental Bodies

Religious Bodies and Officials

24.27 Religious Bodies and Officials

24.27A Councils, etc., of a single religious body
24.27B Religious officials
24.27C Subordinate bodies 24.27C. Subordinate bodies.
24.27C1 General rule
24.27C2 Provinces, dioceses, synods, etc.
24.27C3 Catholic dioceses, etc. 24.27C3. Catholic dioceses, etc.
24.27C4 Central administrative organs of the Catholic Church (Roman Curia)
24.27D Papal diplomatic missions, etc.