AACR2 Chapter 11 - Microforms

11.0 General Rules

11 Microforms Chapter 11. Microforms
11.0 MRI
11.0A Scope
11.0B Sources of information
11.0B2 MRI
11.0C Punctuation
11.0D Levels of detail in the description
11.0E Language and script of the description
11.0F Inaccuracies
11.0G Accents and other diacritical marks
11.0H Items with several chief sources of information

11.1 Title and Statement of Responsibility Area

11.1 MRI
11.1A Preliminary rule
11.1A1 Punctuation
11.1B Title proper
11.1C General material designation 11.1C. Optional addition. General material designation MRI
11.1C1 MRI
11.1D Parallel titles
11.1E Other title information
11.1F Statements of responsibility
11.1G Items without a collective title

11.2 Edition Area

11.2 MRI
11.2A Preliminary rule
11.2A2 Punctuation
11.2B Edition statement
11.2C Statements of responsibility relating to the edition
11.2D Statements relating to a named revision of an edition
11.2D1 MRI
11.2E Statements of responsibility relating to a named revision of an edition

11.3 Special Data for Cartographic Materials, Music, and Serials

11.3 MRI
11.3A Cartographic materials
11.3B Printed music
11.3C Serials
11.3C1 MRI

11.4 Publication, Distribution, etc., Area

11.4 MRI
11.4A Preliminary rule
11.4A1 Punctuation
11.4B General rule
11.4C Place of publication, distribution, etc.
11.4D Name of publisher, distributor, etc.
11.4E Statement of function of publisher, distributor, etc. 11.4E. Optional addition. Statement of function of publisher, distributor, etc.
11.4F Date of publication, distribution, etc.
11.4G Place of manufacture, name of manufacturer, date of manufacture

11.5 Physical Description Area

11.5 Physical Description Area RDA MRI
11.5A Preliminary rule
11.5A1 Punctuation
11.5B Extent of Item (Including Specific Material Designation)
11.5B1  RDA RDA smd
11.5B2 MRI
11.5B3 MRI
11.5C Other physical Details
11.5C1 Material
11.5C2 Color MRI
11.5C3 MRI
11.5D Dimensions
11.5D2 Aperture cards MRI
11.5D3 Microfiches RDA MRI
11.5D4 Microfilms RDA MRI
11.5D5 Microopaques MRI
11.5E Accompanying material
11.5E1 MRI

11.6 Series Area

11.6 MRI
11.6A Preliminary rule
11.6A1 Punctuation
11.6B Series statements
11.6B1 MRI

11.7 Note Area

11.7 MRI MRI text
11.7A Preliminary rule
11.7A1 Punctuation
11.7B Notes
11.7B1 MRI
11.7B4. Variations in title
11.7B7 MRI
11.7B10 RDA
11.7B11 MRI
11.7B16 MRI
11.7B22 MRI

11.8 Standard Number and Terms of Availability Area

11.8 MRI
11.8A Preliminary rule
11.8A1 Punctuation
11.8B Standard number
11.8C Key-title
11.8D Terms of availability
11.8E Qualification

11.9 Supplementary Items

11.9 MRI

11.10 Items Made up of Several Types of Material

11.10 MRI


11.11 MRI