Meet the Judges


Maximiliano R. Firtman is a mobile and web developer, as well as an author, speaker, and trainer.  He has written several books, including "Programming the Mobile Web" and "jQuery Mobile."  He is from O'Reilly Media, and is a Nokia Developer Champion & Adobe Community Champion.

Juan M. Irungaray has undertaken System Engineering Studies at Universidad Austral. He is Certified Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance. Bilingual Project manager with 8+ years of experience in software Development, leading and managing projects of diverse industries from the private sector such as travel, gaming, medicine, E-Commerce, Grains & Biodiesel & NGOs. Has worked for multinational companies such as Globant, Softtek and Thomson Reuters where he is currently Project & Release Manager. Also, leads Buenos Aires’ Google’s Technology User Group oriented to promoting technology in Latin America.


Tammy Butow loves using HTML5 to create great experiences across multiple devices. She is passionate about innovation, startups, leadership and embracing creativity. Follow her on Twitter @tammybutow.

Leon Gouletsas, Leon Gouletsas organises the Google Technology User Group in Melbourne. Passionate about education, design and innovation, he applies creative thinking to solve life's tough challenges often through demonstrating practical solutions that Google APIs can offer. Organiser in GTUG Global HTML5 Campout in 2010, he is excited to see what Aussie developers come up with this year!

Anette Bergo works as a developer of many things at ThoughtWorks, and runs the Melbourne JavaScript user group. She thinks HTML5 is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread and loves clever solutions to interesting problems.

Gary Miller is a professional geek and a bit of a GWT evangelist. He is currently the CTO of a Sydney-based startup, Sumwise, 
which is building a cloud based spreadsheet that is tailored for financial modelling. He is also a Sydney GTUG organizer.

Mark Dalgleish is a front end developer based in Melbourne. He's obsessed with everything web and loves using JavaScript, CSS and HTML to create rich experiences that resonate with end users.


Danilo Augusto Martins is a web developer focused on front-end development. He is a Javascript fan, and a new technologies and innovation enthusiast. He is currently working at Adbat/Tesla.

Diego Eis is co-owner of Visie Padrões Web. He is the creator of and a lecturer on good practices for client-side development. He is a consultant for team leaders and managers at companies such as Google,, iG, Yahoo!, and many others.

Diogo Corrêa is a front-end developer and web designer, responsible for Cifras Club and Palco MP3 products. He is passionate about simple design, clean HTML and smart CSS.

Marcelo Liberato is a developer and entrepreneur. He has been the head of several web projects for the past 12 years. He is a partner at ON Interactive, an innovation and new product development company.

Czech Republic

Ondrej Kucera is a faculty member at Unicorn College and Software developer at Unicorn. He is an HTML5 guru at events.

Tomas Zverina is a Technology Director at Multimedia Atelier, Android developer and multiple contest and hackathon winner. He is the producer of the "first asocial network" MemeReactor.


Chris Heilmann has been around the web since it made little bleeping noises. He worked for Yahoo and is now principal evangelist for Mozilla focusing on HTML5 and the open web. He speaks a lot at conferences, tweets as @codepo8 about all things technical and blogs at

Andre Jay Meissner is Business Development Manager at Adobe, where he focuses on Adobes Mobile and Web Authoring Tools and works with a broad range of creative professionals and the designer and developer community. Follow him on Twitter @klick_ass.

Dariusz Parys is a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft Germany, where he focuses on Web Development with a strong focus on HTML5 and Javascript. He speaks a lot at conferences and communities. Follow him on Twitter @writeline.


Eden Shochat: is an early stage investor with Genesis Partners, one of Israel most active VCs. He organizes geekcon ( and is the co-founder of, Aternity ( and Delavenne (stock trading).

Ron Reiter is an HTML5/JQuery professional and Python/Java programmer working at, an Israeli-based startup. He is an ex-military intelligence soldier, who served for 5 years as a programmer in the army. Ron is also currently working on several internet projects of his own.


Ando Yasushi is a  Japanese Chrome API Guru and is working for mixi Inc., a Japanese SNS service. He wrote a Google Wave book in Japanese last year and developed the Box2DJS, a JavaScript physics engine three years ago.

Yukio Ando is a  Computer Graphics Tools Developer & Researcher UX Designer, and Google API Expert in Japan (GEO).

Kensaku Komatsu is a Javascript developer in Japan. He is especially attracted by HTML5's communication APIs, such as WebSocket. He is interested in real-time and high-speed web services.

Russia & CIS

Aleksey Ivankin is the CTO at startups &  He is interested in Agile/Scrum and cloud technologies, and is currently the Dnepropetrovsk GTUG coordinator.

Tymur Porkuian is a co-coordinator of the Kyiv GTUG Center. He has been passionate about web technologies since the start of his career, and was a member of the winning team of Kyiv Chrome Hackathon in 2010.

Misha M. Kupriyanov
is a Software Engineer at Deutsche Online Medien GmbH and an all-around geek. He is active in supporting the developer community, from answering questions on StackOverflow to managing the Stuttgart Google Technology User Group (GTUG). He is the man behind the Google Developer Day 2010 Android app and the Helper for Google+ Chrome extension.

Michael Mahemoff: recently departed from Google Developer Relations, where he helped developers get to grips with Chrome and HTML5. He's currently baking apps with Node and HTML5. He has worked in developer and UX roles in a range of companies, from dotcom startups to financial enterprises. You can find his Plus, Twitter, and Blog details at

Lev Walkin develops for Web since 1994. Born in Ulyanovsk, Russia, he moved to Silicon Valley in 2001 where he co-founded a Web 2.0 startup. His interests include usability, JavaScript, and embedded C programming.