About DeakinDigital:

DeakinDigital is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deakin University, one of Australia’s leading education innovators.

Established in January 2014, DeakinDigital gives professionals the opportunity to earn credentials by engaging in best practice assessment of the capabilities they have acquired through workplace experience and other forms of learning.

DeakinDigital’s innovative model allows people to take control of their future by converting life and work experience into something tangible – DeakinDigital Credentials.


Allyn Radford CEO, DeakinDigital Pty Ltd DeakinDigital is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deakin University

allynr@deakindigital.com deakindigital.com

DeakinDigital provides assessment-only credentialing as an alternative to traditional higher education, but also offers pathway programs to Deakin University. The University accepts DeakinDigital credentials as recognition for single unit capstone conversion to a Deakin qualification (e.g. Master of Professional Practice (IT)).


Independent wholly owned subsidiary of Deakin. We provides services to employers (B2B) and individuals (B2C).

Learning Recognized:

We focus on the recognition of all forms of learning via curated evidence, testimony and interview.


In order to maintain the credibility of the credentialing process we only show metadata directly associated with the credential. No peer data is included. Awarding a credential is the result of a robust assessment process only.



1st stage: Curated evidence cited within reflective testimony against defined criteria. 2nd stage: video interview recorded for submission to an assessment panel. Assessments are conducted by a three-person panel that abide by regulatory requirements for higher education institutions. All academic assessors are approved by Deakin and, where possible, include a suitably experienced industry assessor as well.  


It was a very robust piece of work to establish the Professional Capability Standard from which all assessment criteria are drawn. The criteria and method approved by the University Academic Board. It was challenging to ensure a quality standard that was actually more robust than that of the University to ensure its adoption and approval.

Next Steps:

The initial MPP program was in IT. We are now expanding to more disciplines (2 more by the end of 2015) and reaching into undergraduate where there is a demand for qualification via professional recognition.