2015 Walk A Mile In Her Shoes®
Benefiting Open Arms of Findlay
April 25th, 2015

If you are walking with a team, please visit our team page to register.

Individual  Walker Information


1.  Please read all instructions prior to registering.
2.  Please Pre-Register
(If you are walking with a team, each team member will need to pre-register and print their Sponsor Pledge Form).

 If you have any issues registering or viewing the registration information, please call Jodi DeVore at
(419) 420-9261 or jdevore@openarmsfindlay.org.

3.  After completing the registration form,  you will be directed to the Sponsor Pledge Form.

4. Print the Sponsor Pledge Form.
 (if you need additional sponsor forms, there is a link below under Event Check In.)

5.  Ask your friends, coworkers and family to sponsor you for the walk.  They can sponsor in any dollar amount.
(please collect your sponsor money prior to the event)
Checks can be made out to Open Arms.

Event Check In   - 10:30 a.m.
Saturday, April 25th,  2015 - Riverside Park, Findlay

1.    Registration begins at 10:30 a.m. at Riverside Park.

2.    Go to the Registration area.
(Please complete all information on your 2 page Sponsor Pledge Form prior to entering the registration area.)

3.    Your 2 page Sponsor Pledge Form and money will be collected.
(Please turn in all sponsor money when you check in at the event)

4.    Your registration fee will be collected, adults-$20; students-$10.
(If you collect $200 or more your registration fee will be waived)

5.    You will receive your walker number.
(If you are walking with a team, you will also receive your team logo)

6.    You will then go to the t-shirt and walker bag area.
(T-shirts and walker bags are provided only to registered walkers)

7.    You will then go to the shoe area. You will try on and be assigned a pair of shoes.
(Shoes you wore to the event will be held at the shoe station until you return the heels)

8.    You will then go to the flip flop area.
(You will have the opportunity to purchase flip flops for $1 to wear until the actual start of the race)

9.    You will then go to the photo area.
(Your picture will be taken by a professional photographer and available at no cost after the event)

10.    You can then enjoy the vendors, Kids Zone, pampered pavilion, buy your raffle tickets or trade tips with your fellow walkers. 

 You will be guided from area to area by volunteers; there is no need to print these instructions.   

The Opening Ceremony - 11:30 a.m.

1.  There will be a short Opening Ceremony presentation prior to the Walk kick-off.

2.  All walkers will march across the stage.
(This is where the judges will decide the award recipients for many various categories including, Best Legs, Best Strut, Most Likely to Break a Heel, Needs Training Heels and many other categories.)

3.  Walkers will line up for the walk.

The Walk
  • The walk will begin at the designated start area, close to the Bandshell.
  • Some students and adults will run past you very fast because there are prizes and awards for first place finishers.
    (first place contenders must wear heels)
  • The route will be staffed by volunteers and will be clearly marked.
  • You will have the opportunity to purchase flip flops along the route.
  • The finish line is the same location where you started the race.
  • You can either return your shoes to the shoe area, or you can wait to return your shoes until after the ceremony.

The Awards Ceremony
  • The awards ceremony will be held after the last walker has completed the route.
  • There will be many awards, so please do not leave until after the ceremony.
  • The raffle for the Grand Prize and the other prizes will be held at the ceremony.
            Click here for a list of Awards

Post Ceremony 

  • Please return your shoes to the shoe area and retrieve the shoes you wore to the event.
  • Thank you so much for your participation, please send any comments or suggestions to jdevore@openarmsfindlay.org
  • Check openarmsfindlay.org and click the Walk a Mile link for photos after the event!


How do I walk in those shoes?

    Please visit our "Tips for Walking" page

Do I have to dress like a girl?

Most of our walkers wear the Walk a Mile t-shirt you will receive at registration with shorts or jeans. 
Some of our participants are creative and dress for the occasion, but most wear the event t-shirt and shorts, pants or jeans.

Do I have to wear the shoes provided?

You can wear any height heels.  To qualify for the first, second and third place finish awards, you must be in 4" or taller heels.

Are the shoes provided?
Yes, Open Arms provides the 4" high heels for the walk.  Many participants bring their own high heel shoes.

Do I have to pay the registration fee?
Yes, the fee helps cover our event expenses.  If you collect $200 or more in pledge money, the registration fee is waived.

If I am walking with a team do I have to pay the individual  registration fee?
Yes, if you do not obtain $200 or over in pledges as an individual, even if registered as a team, you must pay the registration fee.

Team members are individual walkers that are just walking as part of a team with a team logo. 

Team members must register as individuals and designate they are part of a team on the online registration form.

Can women walk?
We welcome women to walk as individuals, a team, or with the guys!
Register to walk online, print your sponsor sheet, collect from your sponsors and you will receive a tshirt and walker bag.  Women can walk in tennis shoes or high heels, but are not eligible for awards.

Do all the proceeds go to Open Arms in Findlay?
Yes, all proceeds go directly to Open Arms in Findlay.

When do I turn in my money?
All sponsor money must be turned in when you check in at the actual event.

Can my family walk with me?
We encourage families to walk together!  T-shirts and shoes will only be given to participants that have paid the registration fee or have raised over $200 individually.

Is there an age limit for walkers?
There is no age limit for participants.

Can I just show up the day of the event and walk?
Yes, if you pay your registration fee.  Although we try to accommodate everyone, shoes, shirts and walker bags are not guaranteed if you do not pre-register.