Hours & Daily Schedule

Open Arms is open from 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM Monday through Friday. 
Open Arms is closed for most Federal holidays, scheduled planning days, days
between Christmas and New Years and one week between the Summer Program
and the Fall Program.

Open Arms also follows public schools emergency closing procedures. If public
school is dismissed early or closed because of weather conditions, our school will
also dismiss or close at the same time. 

The Preschool half-day program ends at 12:30 PM.
The Full-day Program ends at 5:30 PM.
Daily Schedule of Activities:
There is a variety of play and learning activities for the children every day.  The teacher in your child's classroom will keep you informed about the activities and events planned for the class.  A copy of the daily schedule is posted in your child's classroom. 

Center Time: Children choose an activity from various areas including art, blocks, manipulatives, dramatic play, science and literature.
Circle Time: Large group time for stories, finger plays, songs and felt-board activities.
Restroom Break: Time provided for the entire class to use the restroom
individually as needed.
Outside Activities: Time for children to play alone or as groups on the
Snack Time: Class snacks served and this time also incorporates prayer,
manners and hygiene.
Rest Time: If your child stays for rest time, Open Arms will provide mats
which meet
state regulations. Please provide a blanket and a small pillow.
Your child may also bring
a small stuffed animal.
Special Time: Art, music, movement or other special large group activity.
Music Class: Teaches children about different pitches and sounds,
musical instruments
and rhythmic activities through songs, dance and
imaginary play. Also reinforces early
language acquisition skills.
Pastor Time:
Our times of worship are centered on teaching God's love at a level appropriate to the
children's understanding.
At this age, children learn best about
Christianity through experiencing love,
trust, caring and the wonder and excite-
ment of God's creation.  We use stories,
music and movement to achieve this.  At
Open Arms we have prayer moments
everyday.  In addition to stories and songs,
the children become familiar with simple
acts of worship.  They become familiar
with the chapel, the cross, the altar,
prayer and many of the Bible stories.  We 
encourage you to continue your child's
Christian education at home and at your
If you have any questions about Shepherd of the Coast Lutheran Church either the Director
will provide an answer or you will be put in contact with Pastor Bill Douthwaite.