OpenArms at USD

Welcome to OpenArms at USD's webpage. Here you can find information about our organization, upcoming events, and contact informationWe are a nondiscriminatory Christian group who encourages students to delve deeper in their faith to discover a personal relationship with God.

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From our Constitution:
Article II, Sections 1-4.
"Our function as an organization is to provide a strong, Christian foundation for University of South Dakota students, graduates and undergraduates alike, without fear of judgment, discrimination, or forced views. We function to serve Christian students of all ages, colors, heritages, denominations, sexual identities, sexual orientations, political parties, races, ethnicities, abilities, and disabilities. We will function as a non-discriminatory, Christian support group.

We will strive to increase awareness of controversial issues and support for those who feel rejected by more traditional ideals. We are here to provide a support group for one another, as well as non-group members, through times of joy and sorrow and through times of indecision and exploration.

We aim to bring non-religious and nominally religious students together to become deeply committed Disciples of Christ’s forgiving love.

We exist to encourage one another to grow deeper in their own, personal relationship with God, as well as explore what it means to be living as a Disciple of Christ’s Love."

We host multiple events including Guest Speakers, worship services, social events, and Bible studies. We also like to volunteer with local churches and organizations.

If this is something that interests you, please email me at and fill out the additional information form below.