4.5.3 Where openness comes from

<Cesar>Where does openness comes from?</Cesar>
<Andrew>I think the best things seem to happen on the edge of church, and flow
back into it to become mainstream. People work with the tradition and they try
things, they take risks, they are open to possibilities, and they do things, put thing
into action like the Thésée community (Chiara Lubich). Some of the really inter-
esting things happen outside the building where people work with homeless, are
involved in prison, they go to places of violence, in the times of illness, in hospitals
or times of dying, in schools, and the message if from all those places.
The best scenario is that the message from all these places feeds into the life of the
church on a Sunday and it gets rich, encompasses all of lives, and that happens
to a little degree... But these intense profound experiences is out, in these other
places, long way from church.</Andrew>
<Cesar>Openness provides pleasure and excitement outside.
In a way, I am “preaching open architecture” as a way of looking at things, a