Open air cinema screens

If I were a writer or a poet I'd be better able to convey the sheer magic of watching a film on an open air screen but I don't think I can do it justice. It's lovely to sit on the grass (well, a blanket) at sunset and watch the sky changing colour while munching on picnic provisions and then, at dusk, the projector whirs into life and what is basically a flat white sheet or screen transports us somewhere else. I love the bigness of cinema screens (I like regular indoor screens too) but there's something about being outdoors and being able to see the rest of the audience too - it's a real community atmosphere.

I decided to create this site in January 2012 after realising that the expanding (and now somewhat unwieldy) blog post I wrote on the topic back in April 2010 needed some sort of proper website architecture rather than just the 'linear narrative' that a blog provides. A whole site for the topic, rather than a single blog post page.

This site is really for London open air cinema screens although I will certainly add in other cities (and countries) if I hear about them. 

This site is also very new (21/22 January 2012) and I'm just in the process of setting it up so If you're looking for something in particular and my site hierarchy / sitemap isn't obvious to you then I recommend the site's own search - this is a Google site and they're quite good at search and of course the blog post linked above :)