2017 - 2nd Series. Nº6

2nd SERIES - Nº 6: 2017

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Luísa Maria Flora (Universidade de Lisboa), Editorial [Read]

Carla Larouco Gomes (Universidade de Lisboa), Resistance and Change: The Reception of Luther's Theories in England and the Henrician Reformation [Read]

Catherine Bernard (Paris Diderot University), In the Eye of War: Confronting the First World War in Contemporary British Fiction [Read]

Susana Correia (Universidade do Porto), "Not Decorum, but Restraint; It Is the Love of Doing Hard Things": Marianne Moore: Finding 'A Place for the Genuine' [Read]

Marta Soares (Universidade de Lisboa), "Jumping from the Arbella": Adrienne Rich's Mission to Change the Laws of History [Read]

David Klein Martins, "Something is Trying to Get Inside My Body": The Monstruous Queer in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge [Read]


Susana Araújo (Universidade de Lisboa), Mariani, Giorgio. Waging War on War: Peacefighting in American Literature [Read]

Daniel Matias (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), Felski, Rira. The Limits of Critique [Read]

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