2012 - 2nd Series. Nº1

II SERIES - Nº 1: 2012

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  • Isabel Caldeira, Editorial
  • Luísa Azuaga and Lili Cavalheiro, Real World English And English Language Teaching Today: The Case Of Europe
  • Ana Rita MartinsMordred: From Traitorous Son To Prodigious Child-Druid 
  • Isabel Simões-FerreiraEast of Suez and the Imaginary Tangles of Space and Self 
  • Alexandra Cheira, A Bereaved Mother Writer And A Bereaved Mother Written: The Case Of A. S. Byatt’s “The July Ghost”
  • Margarida Esteves PereiraWomen of Stone and Ice in A. S. Byatt’s Tales of the Unreal
  • Marta Miquel-Baldellou, Prematurely Aged, Long-Lived: The Effects of Ageing at a Different Pace in Edgar Allan Poe and Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  • Roy Goldblatt, Michael Chabon’s Jewish Bantustan
  • Ricardo Namora, Homer’s Howl: Jazz, Tribes and Poetic Performance
  • Álvaro Seiça, E-Borges: Stuart Moulthrop’s Victory Garden 
  • Deolinda Simões, Literary Silences: The Representation of Different and Non-Narrated Realities in Narration 
  • António LopesReinventing America On The Battlefields Of Spain Or Following The Party Line: Conflicting Perceptions of the Spanish Civil War in the Present and in the Past
  • Marta Alice Gabriel Soares, Spectacles of Power: The Somatic Testimony of Ethel Rosenberg as a Reenactment of the Martyrdom of Joan of Arc 
  • Daniela Côrtes Maduro“It’s No Good Unless You Die At The End”: Stranger Than Fiction como Rascunho de um Mundo Possível