Resources for Men Discerning with the Dominican Friars

Dear Men, here are a few helpful articles for spiritual direction and other things practical:

       -by Fr. Jordan Auman OP    Excellent and well worth the read.

2) Don't Just Discern Your Vocation
     -by Bro. Gabriel T. Mosher OP (Province of the Holy Name of Jesus, Western)

No matter where you ultimately go, these guidelines are helpful for men seriously considering religious life. They are in fact what are asked of men wishing to prepare themselves to enter Dominican life in the Eastern Province. They are concrete suggestions of what to do, and what to read. 

4) "The Spiritual Director" an article in Compendium of Spirituality, v. 1: p. 169-183  by Emeterio De Cea OP
This is a good basic article for beginning spiritual direction for both the directee and the director. Fr. Emeterio De Cea OP is Professor of Theology, Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum), Rome. The orientation is sideways so you will need to print it out in order to read it. An online version of this article is no longer available though the book is available on Amazon.  Or contact the vocation director and he will send you a copy of it.

5) "The Deception in Discernment" (Google Doc)  
       -by Bro. Gabriel Torretta OP, student friar for the Province of St. Joseph
This short article comes from DOMINICANA: Journal of the Dominican Students of the Province of St. Joseph (Vol. LX, No. 1, Spring 2011).