To See is to Believe

This Year

2005 - Whoops, That'll Cost Ya 3 wks. in Burn Ward


Just What Ya Don't Need in the Paper


All Better, All It Took Was $$$


  Chitek Lake Show, Mortar Line


New Shop Main Level, Gee, Was So Uncluttered When New, Hardly Remember

The Loft Office, Present Day Mess

The Cat

The Dog, Bowser-Boy  - R.I.P. 06/2008 - He was a very good dog.

The Top Bar Beehive


Thorn Between two Roses

Cousins Gayle and Paulette

Christmas 2007


The New Doggies


Larger - pixie - male, border collie X spaniel, approx. 1year old, S.P.C.A rescue

Smaller - cotton - female, american eskimo, approx. 5 years old, rescue from owner