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EzxFBA for MOTO-E680i (2007.4.29)

EzxFBA a Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator port of  Finalburn Alpha Plus available for download. since release v0.30, EzxFBA port from the last release of FinalBurn Alpha.

  Download: EzxFBA 0.32 for MOTO E680i/g
  Download: SourceCode
  DownloadEzxFBA Plus 0.24 for MOTO E680i/g
  Download: SourceCode


gameplaySP for MOTO-EZX (2007.4.29)

gpSP a GBA emulator port of Exophase's gpSP v0.9-2xb
  Download: gpSP 0.9.05 for MOTO E680i/g
  Download: SourceCode
  Download: gpSP 0.9.05 for MOTO ROKR E6 / Ming A1200 
  Download: SourceCode


EzxPSX for MOTO-E680i/g (Apr, 2. 2007)

EzxPSX is a SONY Play Station emulator for E680i, port of PCSX v1.5. GPU port of P.E.Op.S. PSX Gpu v1.17. be one TechDemo, It's speed too slow to be considered playable.
EzxFPSE port of FPSE v0.08 (*FREE* PlayStation Emulator Written by BERO and LDCHEN)

Download: EzxPSX v0.051 for E680i/g (PCSX Kernal) and SouceCode
Download: EzxFPSE v0.041 for E680i/g (FPSE Kernal) and SourceCode
Download: PSX Emulator SourceCode for Cygwin-SDL (PCSX ported)

X-MAME for MOTO-E680i/g (Sep, 17. 2006)

 X-MAME is a Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator port of  MAME GP2X v2.4, for E680i has only 32MB RAM, it's drivers been reduced, so it can play some CPS1 roms only.Default ROM folder is SD card's `/Emulator/MAME`.  all roms must in .zip format, and do NOT change it's filename.

 Download: X-MAME v0.07 for Moto E680i/g 
 Download: X-MAME v0.05 for Moto E680
 Download: SourceCode

EzxPico for MOTO-E680i/g (Sep, 6. 2006)

EzxPico v1.9 port of PicoDrive, It's a Sega Megadrive/Genesis emulator for Motorola E680i/g mobile phone. it support .smd .bin .gen and .zip format ROMs , support 6 button gamepad and support sound .

Download:EzxPico v1.9 for E680i/g


EzxNCD for MOTO-EZX (Sep, 3. 2006)

EzxNCD is the Neogeo CD Emulator for Motorola linux mobile phone,
Download:EzxNCD v0.10 for E680i/g (support .zip format ROM, without BIOS ) Download:SourceCode  

EzxVBA for MOTO-E680i/g (Aug, 25. 2006)

 EzxVBA is GameBoy Advance emulator port of VisualBoyAdvance v1.7.2, It's speed too slow to be considered playable. more optimize is needed .

 Download: EzxVBA for Moto E680i/g
 Download: SourceCode


 EZX Emulators for MOTO-E680i/g (Aug, 24. 2006)

 EzxEMU Emulator support Nintendo(FC), Super Nintendo(SFC) and Sega Mega Drive(MD) with sound available for download. Find more info on CCMOVE(Chinese) or MotorolaFans .

 Downloads:   EZX Emulator v1.22 for Moto E680i
 Downloads:   SourceCode


MP3Player with EQ for MOTO-EZX (May, 30. 2006)

A MPEG audio player with equalizer for motorola linux mobile phone.( E680i / E680 / A780 ). currently it supports MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, all three audio layers are fully implemented. it's decode engine using libmad. it has skin engine and has a winamp look like user interface.
Newly downloads:
  MP3Player v0.22 for Moto E680i / A780
  MP3Player v0.22 for Moto E680
  LocalizationTools for MP3Player v0.22