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Friday, November 3, 2006

Long time no see, bloggie!

I didn' realize I've been blogging in BOLD for the past little while.. until just now when I finally noticed the little relief shadow (dunno the exact artsy term) on the 'b' to the left on my googlepage editor.  I really thought by using an editor would encourage me to blog more often, but that was not to be!  I'm just here now because I feel kinda bad having abandoned my bloggie.. hopefully some inspiriation will come to me and I'll have something interesting to write about.

Thinking thinking thinking...

Okay, I know what I could blog about here... let's talk about my Halloween adventure this year! I went trick-or-treating with two of my work friends.  We went all out and were totally dressed up!  And in case you're interested, I was Darth Vader!  (my friend has the mask, so i donned someone's black jacket and a garbage bag to complete the look!)  I don't think I've been more deserving of my triumphant stash!  When I went as a kid sometimes I didn't even dress up!  I have to say we got pretty good candies, although I wish we got more!    But hey it's the quality that matters I suppose, and for about an hour of work, I'd actually say not bad at all!

Umm.. besides that there really weren't that many blog-worthy moments in the past couple of weeks.  I did go out with some friends, went to a party... I'm kinda surprised to find that I'm actually still having somewhat of a social life.  I mean, it's still not much at all compared to what most people have, but for me, I totally expect to not ever have one again since I started my p/t job.  Don't get me wrong, I like that job and it doesn't feel like working when I'm doing it, but it does cut into whatever time there is outside of work.  But then again I'm giving myself too much kudos here.. because I probably really shouldn't be crediting my having of a little bit of a life to myself.. I mean, if people didn't organize the events for me to 'just show up' I really wouldn't have anything to do besides playing with my ds.

Speaking of games, I've been really stuck on this one game and I feel so stupid about it (I couldn't even complete the first level!).  I'm embarrassed to say it's Bomberman that's giving me so much trouble.  Every time I get to the boss stage I'd get killed.  And then I'd have to go back and collect my items again.. so much work!  It's been like a whole week and my last saved status is still at 1-6!  This is appalling.  Mind you, I've only been playing like maybe half an hour a day.. but still! Fortunately the game is fun to play and I haven't grown tired of blowing stuff up yet, so I guess that's a plus, at least I got my money's worth.. but oooo i didn't realize i stink so bad!

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