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12-10-09 Stuff To Listen To

Live Set 2009

2-28-09 Shows! Golden Ages!

Firstly, big, exciting show in Van w/ such people as Tomas Jirku, Michael Red, Taal Mala! 110% Monomachine set with crazy live versions of THJ tracks, plus a bunch of new stuff!

 And, here's what's going on in the lab (albeit not properly recorded)


12-25-08 Well, why not?

Thanks to Discorder for the nice review, and now I must get back to my Christmas tracking...

12-16-08 If there was an award for maintaining one's webspace, I would probably not be a front runner

But, I do eventually get there.

There shall be shows in Jan/Feb....details to follow. Live electronica with a cape and 10 laptops, each running a Max/MSP patch more complicated than the last...or perhaps no laptops at all. I'm starting to have thoughts about keytars. Think something like 1 2 3 4 5 6, which is where I think I'm taking the live thing.

I also want to say some thanks to:

CBC Radio3 for having me on not one but two podcasts, plus, I've never been a prize question before (to win a scarf, what is an ookpik), and also for adding me to their regular playlist.

Tracks are towards the end of both 'casts.



The music director at CSCR for deeming THJ year-end-top-10 worthy.Wowza. It's not on my top 10 :)

CKUT out in Montreal for interviewing me, and generally being awesome. 

11-20-08 CMJ and Chartattack attack! CKUT interview!

Reviews on CMJ and Chartattack! To say that I was not expecting this is a little bit of an understatement. Thanks to Rob and Justin for getting this all moving, and thanks to CMJ (+ esp Lisa for the nice review) and Chartattack for writing about the job, done totally at home.

www.cmj.com for the review and free download of Shop Teacher (good for the next 24 hours)

The Chartattack review (and for the record, I have it on good authority from a man who knows a lot more about drums and basses than I that my dnb influences are reasonably up-to-date)

Also big thanks to CKUT out at McGill for having me on The New Shit (as well as playing THJ a whole lot and generally being really nice people). You can grab the interview for the next 8 weeks right here, and you can donate to their 2008 funddrive (up to Nov 23rd)

09-24-08 New News! Oh my Total Home-Job!

Total Home Job has become more than it originally was! It has made the fantastic transformation, as a ball of dough becomes a crisp and crusty loaf, into an El Pee, with the addition of 3 new songs, and 2 remixes from Tomas Jirku and Longshanks!

The sound quality has had extra quality added, and the edges have been sharpened!

The newly minted, fresh picked off the snowy mountain dew THJ shall be out on November 18th through Socalled Recordings. Find it digitally wherever you go, and physically in select stores!

Check out some previews on the ol' Total Home-Job page!

23-03-08 Fuck Vista

It should not take

It should NOT

Take 2 days to record 5 minutes of music using software and hardware that you know you know works perfectly.

The track awaits post-processing, but there it is.

19-3-08 Amateur Improv

Mono! MD! Together at last! Together forever!

Nb. Live, completely improvised, and very messy

9-3-08 Mono-pieces - dabbles and sketches



31-1-08 A lot of bits and pieces

On the SONGS page! 


20-12-07 Blues for the Hatless

True blues for the truly hatless. Check out the fine, fine textures from the Ebbe und Flut.

27-11-07 The TOTAL HOME-JOB EP

30 minutes of Ookpik from all over the show. 

Yours for t3h free! Here! 


07-11-07 I don't really know what I'm doing any more than I did yesterday, but...

New, and improved 

06-11-07 Dear Carsten - Your Ebbe und Flut does exactly what the name suggests.

It's going to take a while to really learn how to use this amazing filter, it's always a good sign when you get something where you know exactly what each component does, but you find you have no idea how to use it.

09-10-07 Dear Elektron - Your song mode is the shiznik.

How else could you take two bars written in half an hour and make it last for 3 minutes? I am also extremely impressed by how wet the filters on the MD can sound.

25-09-09:Jomox M-Resonator Demo

I recently got me a one of these and I think the world deserves a better set of demos of this filter than are out there online. Basically, it's a much more subtle thing than it would first seem.

Here's my stab at it.

25-09-07: Song section under maintenance

I gotta sort some stuff out, so the song page is down atm.

In the meantime, here's two new tracks:

Palace Windmills

We Are Both Great Men

08-08-07: Studio section up

There's a studio pic up now, probably shall be more to follow. Check the new link on the left.

29-06-07: Thanks campus radio!

Thanks CFUV, CIUT, CKUT CHUO, and CHRY for playing my stuff! I'm finding it extremely strange to see my name in your charts :)


I made a sampler (of my music)

It's a hit-hard-hit-fast collage of 20/30 second clips of most of my tracks. It's not a song, so it's not on the song page, it's here


Mastering at home for fun and profit-

Finally had the time to 'master' everything, it's louder now, if nothing else.


Let's all have a website 

 Not as hip to all the young kids as myspace, but so much more dignified. I feel clean for the first time in months.