A little info.

Some sort of Explanation is in Order. 


Ookpik uses genres like house, dub, electro, and drum and bass as beasts of burden, yoking them to bubbling synths, rubber drums, and the occasional burst of doo-wop in 4-5 minute mini-epics.


What (academic edit)?

Ookpik makes synthesizer-driven music that fuses the precision and technicality of self declared “Intelligent Dance Music” or “Electronica” with the direct physicality and sensuality of dance music, framing it with a humour seldom found in either style of music. By combining these aesthetics, Ookpik overcomes the academia of the first, and the mindlessness of the second.


Whose ideas are you stealing?

It is probably fair to say that the following musicians are owed at least $5 for various ideas:

Mouse on Mars, Isolee, Atom Heart (and the 100 monikers he has), Squarepusher, Burnt Friedman, Luomo

And these guys have been a big inspiration too:

Tortoise, Jan Jelinek, Girls against Boys, Brainiac, the good people at Studio One, Can, Kraftwerk, Dat Politics, Autechre, Fennesz, the Boredoms


Dan Godlovitch is the man behind Ookpik, a project he’s been working on for the last 2.5 years. He’s been in various kinds of bands over the last 10 years, ranging from angsty grunge, to angsty electropop, to improv pop. Upon the death of his Roland MC307, he realized that synths were where it was at, and acquired a few to resume his musical endeavours.



Total Home-Job is coming out Nov 18th on Socalled Recordings, and a follow-up is well on the way.

Obligatory Gear list (for the Gearheads):

Nord Modular, DSI Evolver, E-Mu e6400, Jomox Airbase99, Elektron Machinedrum UW, Elektron Monomachine, Plan B Modular, Fender Tele (Mexican)

Everything goes through a Schippmann Ebbe Und Flut, a Sherman Filterbank and into a Presonus Firebox Pre sound card.

 All recording, mixing, and mastering was done at home on Audiotechnicas and HS50s.