Open Online Course Core (OOCC) Metadata Standard is designed by Kai Li, a library science student in School of Information Studies at Syracuse University in 2013, as the final project of the IST 681 (Metadata) class.

OOCC Metadata Standard is designed to assist with the description and retrieval of the various open online courses. These courses include traditional “open online courses”, more recent and popular “Massive Open Online Courses” (MOOC) and efforts like With the wide differences between these categories and each individual course, all these efforts can be defined as a way to offer online-based classes in an open and systematic way.

OOCC Metadata Standard is designed for committed learners, casual learners and persons or institutions who create the courses. For the learners, with the help of this metadata standard, they will be able to find, select and retrieve the courses based on his interests and commitment and the course’s cost, topics, instructors, and workload. For course developers, by using this standard to describe their courses, the courses can be more easily exposed to the users. One use case is that an university library includes the records of the MOOCs developed by the university and other institutions in the library system to help library members find and retrieve the courses. OOCC Metadata Standard is especially important due to the fast growing of this field and the accompanying gap between metadata practice and users' needs.

The current version of OOCC Metadata Standard is Version 0.8. I look forward to hearing your opinions as the basis of further improvements. Please contact me at: if you have any question, comment or suggesion.