7 Facts you should know before Coloring your Hair

Whether you’re having a full head change or just refreshing your highlights, consider these hair care tips before having or updating your hair color.

1. Lighter color damages hair more. 

If it is your first time to have a hair color, consider going darker than going lighter. Going for a lighter hair shade means bleaching or stripping off your hair’s dark color so that implies application of harsher chemical to lighten your hair.

2. Don’t rely on the color photo on the box. 

When shopping for DIY hair color, don’t assume that the color in the box will be the exact same shade that will appear on your hair. Remember that the color outcome will be greatly affected by the previous color of your hair.

3. DIY hair color is ineffective in making your hair two shades lighter. 

Stylists suggest making an appointment to the salon when you want to radically change the color of your hair because certain chemicals are necessary to achieve lighter hair tones. Take advantage of the expertise of a salon professional so you can get the exact light hair tone that you want.

4. Patch test is important. 

Better be safe than sorry so check if your skin can tolerate the dye chemicals.

5. Clarify before color. 

Remove product build-up in your hair so you’ll have evenly-colored tresses. But do this a few days before you color your hair.

6. Skip the shampoo on the day you’ll dye your hair. 

The natural oil in your hair will protect your scalp from irritation.

7. Color-protective hair products are necessary. 

Yes, these salon-grade shampoos and conditioners for colored hair are effective in keeping the luster and color of your dyed hair. Try ONYC Hair products for color-treated hair and see how it can protect your hair color from fading.

Keep these hair care tips in mind and your hair color will surely look great.